Am I too old for this sh*t

After hearing that ex-NFL running back Herschel Walker was training to become a MMA fighter, I wasn’t too shocked. I mean, it’s quite normal for an athlete from the NFL to go off and try their hand out at MMA. The next bit of information was the shocking part. Obviously being based in England the NFL isn’t terribly huge over here, so I had no idea that he was really and how long ago he was part of the NFL. You see Mr Walker is no spring chicken, in fact some would say that he’s long past his sell by date.

Herschel Walker is 47 years young. Most men at his age are probably thinking of a nice retirement home in Florida, but not Herschel. No, he’s looking to get into the cage and show his Mixed Martial Art skills.

This being his first fight, I had no knowledge on what Herschel could do, or whether his skills speed or power could do well. As far as I knew, is that he was a very impressive former athlete. How was he supposed to seriously match the men who have been training in MMA for years?

Well, after watching Strikeforce: Miami there is only one phrase that comes to mind, “Age ain’t nothing but a number”. In the words of UFC Commentator, Joe Rogan, “Herschel Walker is for real”. I was incredibly impressed by Walkers skills. I mean Nagy is not a great fighter, far from it. However, he’s got some experience in the cage, obviously more than Herschel and that mentally counts for a lot.

Am I saying that Herschel could be Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion? I wouldn’t bet on it. Am I saying that he’s a capable fighter? Put it this way, there’s certainly life in the old dog yet.

Check out the fight below.


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  1. Great blog, some good pictures. Enjoyed reading the interview too!!

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