The Champ Is Back…So what happens now?


It’s official! Brock Lesnar is back!! Now anyone who’s a huge MMA fan will know this and will probably think “So what?” Is Lesnar a bit of arrogant alpha male? Definitely. Do I like him on a personal level? No. However, I do respect him and what he’s done. He is an incredible human being. Whatever his parents fed him when he was a child; I want that for myself or my own children.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, Lesnar’s career has been up in the air as he battled an unknown virus which turned out to be diverticulitis, which is an intestinal disorder. Essentially, Brock had trained and fought with a hole in his intestines for over a year.
However, now that he’s back (and yes he is still the champion) do I think it’s going to be easy for him and he’s just going to walk in and still be the same vicious fighter as before? Not at all. No fighter would be the same after something like that. You see, the next time that you see Lesnar fight there are only two real possibilities.

The good option for Lesnar, but bad option for his opponent is that because he’s been injured and training for so long without knowing, we’ve yet to see the best of him. Take a look back at his career and tell me how scary a prospect it is that we’ve not seen the best of Lesnar yet. If he trains hard enough, he could literally rip through each and every heavyweight in the UFC.

The other side of the coin is that he could do a Frank Mir and lose it for a few fights. Remember, Lesnars next fight is going to be a title fight. There’s no chance to get in there and get rid of the ring rust. He’s going straight into a war, whether it is Carwin, Mir, Velasquez or Nogueria. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what happens next though.

 Check out his interview discussing his story on ESPN here


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