UFC 109: Relentless Predictions

UFC 109 is coming up this Saturday and it looks as if it’s going to be a pretty good card. News recently broke that whoever wins the Middleweight clash between Nate Marquardt and Chael Sonnen is for the Number #1 spot against whoever wins in Abu Dhabi between Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort for the Middleweight title.

Here are the predictions for the main card:

Frank Trigg Vs Matt Serra

This is one fight that I’m looking forward to. Both are talented fighters, but definitely past their prime and have lost their last previous fights. There seems to be a recurring theme with this PPV, in which the older guard are trying to prove that they can still “go” in the octagon.

However, after watching both of their last fights, I’m going to have to go with Serra for the win. Trigg looked way out of his element whilst fighting Josh Koscheck and I firmly believe that Serra’s grappling, if he decides to go that route will be too much for Trigg.

Demian Maia Vs Dan Miller

This is a battle of the submission artists. Both are serious BJJ practitioners, but aren’t so fantastic at striking, so don’t expect a Knockout of the Night here. This is a very hard fight to call, but I’m going to go with Maia to win as he’s got a lot to prove after the 12 second knockout he suffered at the hands of Nate Marquardt.

Mike Swick Vs Paulo Thiago

This could be an interesting fight. Both have had some notable wins and both are in the Top 10 for welterweights within the UFC. I think this fights going to go to decision as I’m not sure either fighter is going to be able to finish the fight. I’m a huge fan of Swick and I’ve got a feeling that he’s going to pull off the win against Thiago, but it will definitely be close

Nate Marquardt Vs Chael Sonnen

This fight is what I’d call a double edged sword. Most people are looking forward to it because it’s always a joy to see Nate Marquardt fight and to be honest, I hate Chael Sonnens attitude. He has come out in the press recently, criticizing Anderson Silva.

Firstly, I’ve seen one Chael Sonnen fight, and frankly I don’t want to or need to see another. Sonnen is a one dimensional fighter. He has ABOVE AVERAGE wrestling and that’s it. The MMA game isn’t just about having one style, you need to be well versed and be able to strike as well grapple. After watching Sonnens last fight, I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s got nothing on Marquardt and is going to be completely manhandled in their fight.

Randy Couture Vs Mark Coleman

Randy Couture versus Mark Coleman is the type of fight that I would’ve like to have seen a few years ago, but am I bothered about seeing it now, not really. Both are way past their prime and neither of them is going to be challenging for titles in the Light Heavyweight division. It’s nice to see two of the Godfathers of our sport finally fight each other, but it’s too late for it to actually mean something. However, after watching Mark Coleman struggle to beat Stephan Bonnar and Randy Couture controversially beat Brandon Vera, I see Couture having just enough to beat Coleman.


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