UFC 110 Predictions

Tonight marks the first time that the UFC brings it’s product to Australia and it seems as if they’ve put a great main card together for their outing in Oz. It’s interesting to note that the old Pride organizations top fighters are on show tonight with Wanderlei Silva, Anthony Rodrigo Nogeuria and Mirko Cro Cop all fighting.

Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipović Vs Anthony Perosh

This fight is going to be pretty interesting. I can’t say that I know much about Anthony Perosh besides from that he’s 0-2 in the octagon and is a 2nd Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt. Every knows about Mirko Cro Cop though as once upon a time he was one of the most dangerous men in MMA and arguably the best heavyweight in the world. However, since he arrived in the octagon he’s looked like a shell of his old self. He no longer puts fear into his opponent’s hearts, in fact he seems quite frightened himself.

As terrible as Cro Cop has looked in his last few fights, I can’t see Perosh beating him. However, if Perosh does beat him, this is definitely the end for Cro Cops career in the UFC and possibly MMA.

Cro Cop Highlights

Anthony Perosh Highlights

Mirko Cro Cop wins via KO in the 2nd round

Keith Jardine vs Ryan Bader

Another interesting match-up tonight. To figure out who the winner of this fight is going to be, you really have to look at Keith Jardine. Which Jardine are we going to see tonight? The man who has beaten Chuck Liddell, Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar, or the man who lost to Thiago Silva, Houston Alexander and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. 

Honestly, I couldn’t tell you. What I can tell you is that Ryan Bader will give Keith Jardine a hard fight. I don’t believe The Ultimate Fighter season 8 winner is on the level of Rampage Jackson or Thiago Silva, but he could very well knock out Jardine and judging by Jardine’s last fight, it’s certainly possible. Jardine Vs Forrest Griffin

Ryan Bader vs Vinicius Magalhaes

Ryan Bader wins via KO 1st Round

Joe Stevenson vs George Sotiropoulos

I can only see one winner coming out of this fight and it has to be Joe Stevenson. He’s looked impressive in his fights prior to this and he’s joined Greg Jackson’s gym which is arguably the best in the world. Nothing against his opponent, but I think he’s going to be turned over by Stevenson. I’m not particularly sure if Joe will finish him, so I think this is going to go to a unanimous decision.

Joe Stevenson Vs Spencer Fisher

George Sotiropoulous Vs Jason Dent

Joe Stevenson wins via Unanimous Decision

Wanderlei Silva Vs Michael Bisping

It’s always interesting when two men step into the octagon and feel they have something to prove.  This would be one of those perfect scenarios. Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva is one of the most dangerous fighters to fight in  MMA. However, since joining the UFC he hasn’t been the Wanderlei Silva that we know and love. Michael Bisping is coming off a win against Dennis Kang, but everyone knows that Kang wasn’t really going to test his chin, much like Dan Henderson had at UFC 100. Everyone who knows anything about MMA knows that Wanderlei definitely test Bispings chin if given the chance.

I think that Bisping is going to play smart and counter punch and ” stick and move” and get this on a unanimous decision.

Michael Bisping Vs Dennis Kang

The Best Of Wanderlei Silva

Michael Bisping wins via Unanimous Decision

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria vs Cain Velasquez

This is my early prediction for Fight of the Night. I once heard a man say that styles make fights when it comes to MMA and I think this is a perfect example of how these two differing yet slightly similar styles will make a great fight. Both are very good boxers, yet I still don’t think that Velasquez has knockout power. Anybody that watched his fight with Cheick Kongo saw the huge amount of punches he threw, yet still failed to knock out Kongo. This doesn’t bode well for Velasquez, as Big Nog has only been finished once.

I really think it’s going to go to the ground early, with Velasquez going for the takedown. I think the key to this fight is whether or not Velasquez makes a small mistake, which gives an opening to Nogueria. If Velasquez sticks to his game-plan and out wrestles his opponent then he can get the unanimous decision win. Sadly, I reckon Nogueria will force him to make a mistake and make him tap 

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria vs Randy Courture

Cain Velasquez Vs Ben Rothwell

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria wins via Submission (Arm Bar) 2nd Round

Thoughts and Opinions up tomorrow



  1. good predictions, they look spot on, c’mon bisping!!!

  2. Cro cop vs perosh, honestly the UFC should have smapped that with the bonnar vs soszynski fight as soon as they knew rothwel was pulling out!!! Cro cop is so passed it and got battered by dos santos in his last fight. Also is bonnar loses his fight tonight there is no way he will be in the UFC tomorrow, the man lost to mark coleman!!! But ye that fight my prediction cro cop should win…

    jardine will lose… nuff said….

    Stevenson vs Sotiropoulos completely agree, however would not be suprised with the daddy ends it with a submission.

    Silva vs Bisping, oh my days am i pumped for this fight!!! That fight could go either way, however i watched MMA live and they were talking about the issues silva has with cuttung weight, he was bare able to make weight for his catch weight fight with rich franklin at 195lbs. So as bias as this is cause im british but i got my fingers crossed for bisping, cant really say bisping has a glass jaw because henderson knocked out silva with the same punch to win his pride middle weight championship. Fight of the night for sure!!

    Velasquez should beat big Nog as long as (as what you said) he doesn’t get silly and give nog an opening to utilise his jiu jitsu

  3. better get down ladbrookes !

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