UFC VERSUS: Predictions




The first UFC show in just under 3 weeks begins this summers fight fest. March 21st brings an interesting card full of hopefuls who are looking to move up a spot in the UFC rankings, this is definitely going to be a show that proves which fighters deserve their spot in the UFC.

Alessio Sakara Vs James Irvin

Interesting bout between these two fighters. Neither of them are really championship material, but they’re both brawlers so expect a stand-up war between them. Irvin has been out of the cage for 9 months after getting suspended for illegal drug use and I think cage rust is going to be the deciding factor in this bout.

Alessio Sakara Wins by 2nd round via KO


Cheick Kongo Vs Paul Buentello

Another standup war. Both men are notorious for not having the greatest ground game, but we both know that they’re both strikers. I think it’s a case of who has the strongest chin and something tells me that the former K1 kickboxer Cheick Kongo is going to be the man with the stronger chin.

Cheick Kongo wins via KO in the 1st Round

Junior Dos Santos Vs Gabriel Gonzaga

This is a fight which a casual fan might think isn’t very important. However, any fight in the heavyweight division is important now, as the UFC are really re-shaping the rankings of the fighters in this particular division. With the Frank Mir vs Shane Carwin fight next weekend, I predict that whoever wins this fight will face whoever loses the Mir vs Carwin bout.

With Junior Dos Santos steadily climbing the ranks of the Heavyweight division, I feel that he is going to have his first proper test against Gabriel Gonzaga. Both have heavy hands and a strong ground game. However, Dos Santos has been so impressive since he won his debut in the UFC that I can’t see Gonzaga beating him.

Junior Dos Santos wins via TKO in the 1st Round


Brandon Vera vs Jon Jones

This is definitely the fight to start the summer off with a bang. Two extremely talented fighters who are hungry for the light heavyweight title. This fight is hard for me to choose as I love both fighters, as they put on exciting fights and certainly push the pace.

Vera lost his last fight against Randy Couture, although I think everyone and their mother thought that Vera won that fight. However, as we all know, the judges decisions can be controversial. However, one positive that Vera could take from the fight was he managed to really hurt Couture and realize that if he manages to be aggressive and let his hands fly then he can easily get  a knockout in any round.

Jones had been tearing his competition apart ever since he made his debut in the UFC. At the tender age of 22, he tore apart seasoned veteran Stephen Bonnar at UFC 100. However, much like his opponent on Sunday, he lost his last fight in a controversial manner. After using illegal elbows on a downed opponent, Jones was disqualified from a fight that he had been controlling quite easily.

Both have points to prove and both are similar fighters, so it’s incredibly hard to choose whose going to win. However, I’m going to go with Jon Jones for the win. His Greco-roman wrestling skills are quite fantastic and his unorthodox striking skills might be too hard for Vera to handle.

Jon Jones wins via TKO in the 2nd Round


Hope everyone enjoys the card. Results and opinions will be posted next week


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  1. Agree on all points but in regards to Gonzaga vs Dos Santos I’m not convinced it’ll be that easy. Both have insane power and some great KO wins on their records but of the two Gonzaga’s grappling pedigree is by far the more impressive. Also Gonzaga is a veteran of the cage and has been in there with some tough opponents.

    However, in Dos Santos’ favour, Gonzaga is a very, VERY inconsistent fighter; kind of the Jardine of the heavyweights without the fucking awful beard. He’s also shown a tendency to break when the pressure gets too high so if Dos Santos is smart he’ll play on that.

    To sum it up: if Don Santos is smart he’ll try to break Gonzaga and not take it to the ground. If Gonzaga is smart he takes Dos Santos down pronto.

    That’s my two cents

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