UFC On Versus: Opinions and Results

If viewers judged UFC On Versus by its first fight, then they’d probably think that last night’s card was mediocre at best. However, things started to get incredibly fiery within the octagon. There were some really good fighters and some highlight reel knockouts on display.

Alessio Sakara vs James Irvin

I think many people believed that this fight was going to be a stand-up war; however it was barely a battle. Whilst Sakara looked at home at 185 pounds, Irvin didn’t look like the James Irvin that UFC fans had become accustomed to.

Known for his knockout power, Irvin couldn’t throw any punches with significance and was dispatched in a disappointing and underwhelming manner with a knuckle to the eye by Sakara.

Fight Rating – 4/10

Cheick Kongo Vs Paul Buentello

What do you get when you put a K1 kick-boxer in the octagon with a fighter nicknamed the “Head=Hunter”, simply because he loves knocking his opponents out? You’d get an all-out brawl, right? Well apparently not.

No-one doubts that Cheick Kongo is a dangerous striker, but it’s a well-known fact that his ground-game is quite poor. However, we saw a different Cheick Kongo who was got knocked silly by Frank Mir. This Kongo had some impressive takedown offence and was using it at will against a helpless Paul Buentello. Does this make Kongo a contender? No way, but if he keeps on dominating fighters then he might have to be taken seriously.

Fight Rating – 5.5/10

Junior Dos Santos Vs Gabriel Gonzaga

What can I really say about this fight, besides from the fact that if Junior Dos Santos continues to knock on the door of the UFC Heavyweight title division the way he did last night, he’s probably going to just kick it down with some extreme force.

Dos Santos backed up every word he said before the fight, using his speed and punching power to knock Gonzaga silly, with a strong left hook, followed by some impressive ground and pound.

The Heavyweight division has a new contender…

Fight Night Rating -8/10

Jon Jones Vs Brandon Vera

In what many assumed would be a war between the young and the old, it was surprisingly one-sided. So one-sided, that Vera didn’t even get a punch in against the once the consistently impressive Jon Jones. From the ring of the bell, Jones controlled Brandon Vera a lot easier than many people would have expected.  All the pre-fight hype was for nothing as Jones took Vera to the ground and unleashed some of the most vicious elbows I’d ever seen. Thankfully, he kept them at a 9 to 3 angle, thus allowing him to not get disqualified once again. Jon Jone’s star continues to rise.

Fight Night Rating – 9/10

Fight of the Night – Brandon Vera vs. Jon Jones



  1. I thought the overall event was pretty pants, to be honest.

    The fights were predictable as all hell and not even that entertaining. For me it felt like they phoned this event in. Yeah, Jones kicked Vera’s ass impressively (and forshadowed an armbar loss sometime in the future) and Cigano took Gonzaga’s head home with him but I still left feeling a bit empty inside.

    Also we need to clarify and enforce some fucking rules in the UFC; I’m tired of sometimes calling time out due to injury and sometimes stopping it all together; of numerous warnings for one offence but immediate deductions for another.
    If you’re only going to enforce the rules when you feel like it then they are no longer rules but principles and I just want some consistency here.

  2. Jon Jones is a beast, his elbows are ridiculous

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