MMA UK’s Half Year Awards

It’s been a great 6 months for MMA fans. Great knockouts, great submissions, GREAT FIGHTS!

Today marks first MMA UK’s half-year awards, in which MMA UK lists some of the greatest moments in MMA so far this year.

Biggest Shock So far…

  • Frank Edgar beats BJ Penn – Whilst the UFC’s first foray into the Middle East was contreversial at best because of Anderson Silvas antics whilst facing Demian Maia, BJ Penn’s shocking loss against Frank Edgar caught many off guard. In a fight that many people thought would be a formality, Edgar showed great quickness, precise striking and fantastic wrestling (he was the first person to take Penn down in several years) and was able to beat Penn with a decision win. Some people may disagree that Edgar won the bout, but no-one can deny that Edgar fought a great fight against Penn.


  • Alastair Overeem gives Brett Rogers a spanking – Everyone knew that Overeem was a talented fighter, but constant accusations that he was taking steroids seemed to plague the fighter. When he returned to the US to defend his Strikeforce Heavyweight title, many thought that Brett Rogers might give Overeem a decent fight. After all, he may have lost to Fedor Emilianenko, he gave the one of the greatest fighters of all time a decent fight. However, it was not to be as Overeem turned Rogers over as if the latter was an amateur.  Is Overeem that good, or is Brett Rogers that overrated? That is the question


  • The Last Emperor is finally beaten – Much like the fight between Edgar Vs Penn, the fight between Fedor Emilianenko and Fabricio Werdum was supposed to be a formality. Fedor was arguably the best heavyweight in the world and is probably the best MMA heavyweight to live.  Apparently, Werdum wasn’t reading the same script as everyone else as he managed to lock Fedor in a Triangle Choke/Armbar submission.


Fight of the Year so far

  1. Chris Leben Vs Yoshihiro Akiyama
  2. Leonard Garcia Vs Jung Chan Sung
  3. Brock Lesnar Vs Shane Carwin
  4. Jose Aldo Vs Urijah Faber
  5. Robbie Lawler Vs Melvin Manhoef

Submission Of The Year so far

  1. Cole Miller Vs Dan Lauzon (Inverted Triangle Choke/ Kimura)
  2. Chris Lytle Vs Brian Foster (Kneebar)
  3. Chris Lytle Vs Matt Brown ( Straight Armbar/Triangle Choke)
  4. Brock Lesnar Vs Shane Carwin (Arm Triangle)
  5. Chris Leben Vs Yoshihiro Akiyama ( Triangle Choke

Knockout Of The Year so far

  1. Gerald Harris Vs Dave Branch (Slam)
  2. Shogun Rua Vs Lyoto Machida (KO)
  3. Cain Velasquez Vs Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira(KO)
  4. Brandon Vera Vs Jon Jones (KO)
  5. Frank Mir Vs Shane Carwin(KO)


These are my picks so far!

Check out all these fights



  1. Im gonna have to disagree with a few of your fights of the year…

    I don’t think Lesnar vs Carwin deserves it, a great upset or complete suprise maybe but not a particularly great… Although was great to watch.

    I would have defo put Krystoth Sozyinski vs Stephan Bonnar rd 2… Excellent fight back and forth!!

    Also Aldo vs Faber was just a complete domination! Tbh Jim millers fights this year are more worthy, hes a completely under he radar fight IMO, deserves more probs!

    Also i hate to correct you dude, Machida vs Rus was a KO not a TKO, Vera vs Jones was a TKO.. But nuff love i agree with your picks for KO and submissions!!

  2. submission of the half yr.

    Well 2 contenders which I definately think you missed was Rousimar Pulhares knee bar where he got suspended for holding it too long.

    Also Ben Henderson’s guillotine over Jamie Varner was sweet, came out of nowhere, didnt even have to jump guard, he just wrapped his legs around the standing jamie varner, great technique.

    I cant believe in upsets you forgot Todd duffee vs Mike Russow. That KO was NOT EXPECTED.

    For KO’s, I still gotta throw up Roy Nelson vs Stefan Struve, 1st round and he practically had to jump to reach his face.

    And I personally think my favourite knockout. DOOMSDAY HOWARD over Daniel Roberts. Good ol Pride days looking KO.

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