MMA UK’s Top 10 fighters (According to weight classes)


1.Brock Lesnar

2. Shane Carwin

3. Fedor Emilianenko

4.Cain Velasquez

5. Alastair Overeem

6. Junior Dos Santos

7. Roy Nelson

8. Brett Rogers

9. Fabricio Werdum

10. Frank Mir

Light Heavyweight

1. Shogun Rua

2. Rashad Evans

3. Lyoto Machida

4.King Mo Lawal

5. Jon Jones

6.Rampage Jackson

7. Gegard Moussasi

8. Antonio Rogerio Nogueria

9. Forrest Griffin

10.  Ryan Bader


1. Anderson Silva

2. Vitor Belfort

3. Chael Sonnen

4. Nate Marquardt

5. Demian Maia

6.  Chris Leben

7. Yoshihiro Akiyama

8. Robbie Lawler

9. Wanderlei Silva

10. Michael Bisping


1. Georges St Pierre

2. Jon Fitch

3. Josh Koscheck

4. Jake Shields

5. Thiago Alves

6. Nick Diaz

7. Dan Hardy

8.  Martin Kampmann

9. Dong – Hyun Kim

10. Carlos Condit


1. BJ Penn

2. Gilbert Melendez

3. Frank Edgar

4. Shinya Aoki

5. Eddie Alvarez

6. Kenny Florian

7. Joachim Hansen

8. Gray Maynard

9.Evan Dunham

10. Tyson Griffin

With Contributions from Kris Mentor


1 Comment

  1. o wow dude. i got some serious disagreements here.

    Heavyweight: erm. . . . . . where is Frank Mir. He is definately top 10.
    Fedor hasn’t beaten anyone worthy of mentioning in atleast 5 years. He can’t be 3rd. Werdum has to be above Rogers. . . . . only makes sense.

    Light Heavyweight: I dont think you could really put Machida behind evans, they have the common opponents of ortiz and thiago silva, lyoto ko’s silva and beats ortiz, evans draws against ortiz and squeezes a narrow decision against silva plus. . . . . . . . . machida knocked him the FUCK OUT. King Mo and Jon Jones are well too high cos they have both fought no one (other than Gegard Mousassi). I probably would’ve had Thiago Silva in there instead of Ryan Bader, bit higher than 10th aswell. Possibly even Rich Franklin up in there to.

    Middleweight: I can’t put Vitor 2nd. When did Vitor last fight at middleweight. . . . . . Matt Lindland, hardly a formidable opponent by any stretch of the imagination. I think Bisping and silva should both be above Leben and Akiyama. I think Alan Belcher should be up in there aswell. Would take out Robbie Lawler. . . . . . I actually think Mayhem could beat Akiyama if im honest. Outside shout of Cung Le aswell. (a shout for 11th anyways)

    Welterweight: Jake Shields and Nick Diaz need to swap places. I think Paulo thiago should be there. And if im completely bias then Chris Lytle aswell 😀

    Lightweight: You can’t have Hansen in there. The guy couldn’t even beat Bibiano Fernandes at 145. Ben Henderson is a definate top 10 guy. Kenny Florian is 3rd or 4th.

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