Mr Shields, We’ve Been Expecting You

It’s official, Jake Shields is now with the UFC and it’s got to be the best move for the Cesar Gracie trained MMA fighter. Jakes Shields is an absolute thoroughbred and I don’t say that very often. Shields wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu is immense. We know his striking isn’t the best out there, but it’s above average and he makes up for it with his ground skills.

Shields manager and father told that “In the conversation we had today, [Strikeforce] said they felt that Jake was leaning towards the UFC. Honestly, we were talking to them with an open mind, though Jake wants to fight the best.”

Shields deserves to fight the best as well, he’s on a 14 fight win streak and has fought some of the best that Strikeforce and EliteXC had to offer. Some even feel that Strikeforce put Shields against Dan Henderson with the feeling that he might lose. Some may wonder why a company would want their champion to lose well there are a few reasons;

  • Jake Shields is not a middleweight fighter, he’s definitely a welterweight fighter (he’ll be fighting in the welterweight division of the UFC) and Henderson has fought as heavyweight in his career. Some may call this a definite mis-match.
  • This was Shields last fight on his contract and there was no indication that he was going to re-sign with Strikeforce. If Shields was to win his fight and leave the company as the middleweight champion and go to Strikeforce’s biggest rivals the UFC (which he did) then that makes the company look small.
  • If Shields lost, his asking price would go down considerably during contract negotiations and he’d become less interesting to the UFC. There would be more chance of him staying with Strikeforce and then having him re-match Dan Henderson for the Middleweight title.

The loss of Shields is huge for Strikeforce and they know it. Unlike UFC who have plenty in Welterweight Division who could be champion (if only GSP wasn’t that damn good!) Shields was certainly a commodity in that division.  They had some decent fighters no doubt (personal favourites being Robbie Lawler and Jason Miller) but I don’t think there were many of Shields calibre and the closest that anyone got to beating him was Dan Henderson and that was for one round.

The UFC have obtained a really good fighter in Shields, someone who can challenge for the title at Welterweight and Middleweight (If Silva moved up to Light Heavyweight where he belongs). The UFC have picked up another great star in their quest for global domination of the MMA world.

Jake Shields joins the UFC

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Picture from, Bully Beatdown



  1. Jake Shields is the most overated fighter out there.

    And to stay his striking is atleast above average. . . . . . . really???

    • I’m not saying he’s gonna knockout anyone, Not at all? But if Above average is a 6/10 then I think that’s fair. I never said he’s a good or a great striker. If I said that then feel free to shoot me!

  2. At least above average is fair I reckon!

  3. who have you seen Jake Shields out strike?

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