Paul Daley Interview

First introduced to martial arts when he began Karate at the age of 7, Paul Semtex Daley has developed into one of the top strikers in the world of MMA. Primarily based in the UK, Paul has trained all over the world with some top trainers and training camps in Holland and the US particularly. He is currently Cage Rage UK and World Welterweight Champion, FX3 World Welterweight Champion, King of The Ring Muay Thai World Champion, and considered by many the best pound for pound MMA fighter the UK has ever produced.

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Here’s a highlight video for those that aren’t familiar with Daleys knockout artistry

Hey Paul, how’d the training camp go for your upcoming fight?

It went really well. I’m lucky that more often than not things tend to come together for me, as far as training partners, coaches and a training camp environment.

 Unlike the other two interviews that have appeared on MMA UK, you didn’t make your burst on to the scene on The Ultimate Fighter. Describe how you got into the business.

I went the long way round, the warrior way, No shorts cuts to the big time for me. I fought 30 plus fights before I got to the UFC, from Japan to Slovenia, UK, USA and more.

 Were there any MMA fighters that you looked up to as a youngster or anyone in particular that you modelled your very aggressive style on?

My style is my own, but I was a big fan of Tito Ortiz when I started in the sport. He really was the face of MMA back then for me.  Also Fedor, Mintauro and Takanori Gomi over in Pride FC.

 If you could fight anyone past or present, who would you fight and why?

I’d like to rematch all of my losses to see how far I have come as developing as a fighter.

 What’s a normal training sessions for you and what do you do to keep at full fitness?

It’s pretty basic. 7am start: Pads or Run. 10.30am: sparring or conditioning 7pm: Sub wrestling/conditioning. Session last about 2hrs tops. (Each)

 As a fighter known for his striking ability, where have you studied to hone your striking skills and are there any places that you’ve yet to travel to too increase your repertoire?

 I train at a lot of boxing gyms in the UK, I have been to Thailand twice to train Muay Thai (this is going to be an annual thing) and I train in Holland prior to every fight. They have great Muay Thai, are developing their MMA and have an awesome mind set.

 My favourite knockout of yours was against Dustin Hazelett at UFC 108. What has been your favourite knockout of your career so far?

I don’t really have one. That was good enough for me to re-call, but I‘m sure there have been some great KO’s in Boxing, K-1 and MMA.

 There have been knocks against your ground game and your apparent inability to defend a takedown. However, this has been something that has been said about British fighters who fight against wrestlers. What are you doing to make sure you don’t get taken down anymore and what do you think the new generation of British fighters such as John Hathaway and Terry Etim need to do help them progress with their takedown defence?

Train more with High calibre wrestlers, Learn to defend a takedown, get back to their feet if they choose, or be able to fight strong off their back.

You have a fight against Daniel Acacio coming up at Impact FC 2 – The Uprising, Sydney on July 18th. What do you see as the strengths of Acacio and how do you plan to exploit his weaknesses.

He’s strong all round, i do believe i have fought the tougher competitions and i think his conditioning maybe a factor with the pace i fight at.

 Considering the fact that he fights out of Chute Box academy that are legendary for their willingness to strike, do you see this as the sort of fight that is essentially “right up your alley”?

Seems that way, but he knows, he has a good all round game.

The last time you fought it was against Josh Koscheck. Sadly you were cut from the UFC afterwards for throwing a punch at Koscheck. Do you see that whole situation as a huge mistake or something to learn from?


What has been the highlight of your career so far?


I have many. Winning the Cage Rage World Welterweight Title, against Mark Weir was huge for me at the time. I had a great night.

Thanks for the time Paul, is there anyone you’d like to thank?

Family, Friends, Coaches, Fans and sponsors (

Former Cage Rage Welterweight Champion Paul Daley fights Daniel Acacio at Impact FC 2 : The Uprising: Sydney

Picture taken from MMA



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