So You Wanna Be A Fighter? Well You Better Learn How To Train Like This!

A lot of people think they can be a fighter, as all they see is two men (or women) getting into a cage and beating each other until there is a winner. However, they don’t see the immense training that these warriors have to go through. For those don’t know and think it’s this easy. Check out a training video that was taken of former lightweight and welterweight champion BJ “The Prodigy” Penn.

You’ve got to bare in mind that Penn wasn’t training properly during his earlier fights. He was unfocused and unprepared, yet he was still winning the majority of his fights. However, there are some losses on his record that he might’ve won if he’d of trained properly. In 2010 BJ is still arguably the best lightweight in the world, simply because he’s now focused and training hard.

Take a look at this video of BJ at work before a fight

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  1. You want scary, son? Watch this

    My arms hurt just from watching that rope bit

  2. totally agree to be the best fighter you need the whole package, technique+intelligence+ fitness = awesome .. a bit of natural ability like Penn doesn’t hurt either

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