Weekly News Round-Up with JB!

In the news this week,

Fighting & Entertainment Group, parent company of K-1 and DREAM, declares it’s intent on annexing the entire world. President of K-1 Sadaharu Tanikawa was quoted as saying “This is a declaration of war against the WWE and UFC. From Japan we will take over the world.

Well it seems like the Japanese promotions have finally realized that in only a few years they’ve gone from being the pinnacle of martial arts to being almost an afterthought. Far be it for them to admit that it might be their training methods and insularity that’s holding them back though! Besides, since when was it a bad idea for Japan to attack the US?

Oh wait… 


In other news Impact FC held it’s second show this week making, ironically, no impact what so ever. Ok, strictly speaking that’s not entirely true but to make a crude analogy, if the UFC results are likened to the Times Impact’s results are more akin to a Daily Mail covered in piss outside a Soho strip-joint.
Anyway, Ken Shamrock imploded in his fight against Pedro Rizzo, surprising no one at all. After the fight he held a rather disturbing speech on how his record TOTALLY isn’t padded and how he intends to keep fighting as long as anyone will watch. I guess if Jackass ever gets revived he’ll be a mainstay then.

If Shamrock’s loss was sad and embarrassing, and it was, then Murilo Bustamante’s was just plain confusing. After Big John called for a stand-up of the action in the second round Bustamante stumbles and the fight is called. Guess he didn’t realize he was knocked out.

Other notables were Paul Daley scoring a win by submission (hemophobia), Denis Kang and Paulo Filho fighting to a split draw and Ninja Rua submitting Jeremy May.

MMAFighting.com reports a rumor that Jake Shields’ first opponent in the UFC might be Martin Kampmann. Nothing is confirmed at this point probably due to Zuffa’s inability to do anything without a sense of drama (for reference see the whole Ortiz/Liddell/Franklin debacle on TUF11) though the fight does make sense in a way; Kampmann isn’t signed to fight anyone unlike everyone else in the welterweight division and is tenacious enough to give Shields a warm welcome. Will he beat Shields? Probably not but then again stranger things have happened.


After sending the entire MMA world into hysterical laughter by claiming he wanted to fight Fedor Emelianenko, Bobby Lashley has now finally been given an opponent: Chad Griggs (to simplify things he will be referred to as Not-Fedor). Not-Fedor might best be known for his 1-1 stint in the IFL a couple of years back and while he may not be the kind of opponent that Lashley feels he should be fighting Not-Fedor is most definitely a step up from Wes Sims. That will do in my book.

The UFC has released the official card for UFC 117 on August 7th and what can I say? Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen is either going to be a war or an embarrassment for either man, Silva either getting tucked in with a muscled blanket or knocking Sonnen even sillier than he already is. Normally I’d just write Sonnen off but considering that the only man to come close to making Silva look human was Dan Henderson (and a couple of tiny Japanese men) and the fact that he did it with good ol’ fashioned wrasslin’ gives Sonnen some degree of credibility. Also, even though it’s pure speculation, remember how more and more “invincible” fighters are suddenly becoming very much human. We’re approaching the end of one generation, the question is just how fast the old one goes out.

Other fights include Jon Fitch vs Thiago Alves and we’ll see if Alves learned anything by fighting St Pierre (e.g. Don’t let the wrestler take you down). If he has then Fitch better pray his chin holds up but if not we can expect a three round version of GSP vs Alves, only with less striking and more hair.

Junior Dos Santos gets to fend off half-man/half-walrus Roy Nelson in what should be a great brawl. Nelson’s wrestling and grappling should be an indicator of how far Dos Santos has come in his ground game, if it even gets there of course. Seeing how Dos Santos is a purple belt under Minotauro Noguiera and can knock people with nothing more than harsh words there’s a good chance that Nelson ends up knocked out but seeing how the big man hasn’t gone away easy before I doubt he’s just going to give this fight away.

Fight of the night-checks have probably already been made out to Clay Guida and Rafael Dos Anjos at this point. Both guys are great grapplers and Guida has never been in a boring fight so expect fireworks as usual here.



  1. Cool video! wow Shamrock is the same age as me but I’m not gonna hop into the ring with him.
    Pedro used those low kicks really well for good effect he didn’t have to get too close ..sort of like a chinese or thai boxer..
    your site is now on my blog roll

  2. […] Jeremy May. MMAFighting.com reports a rumor that Jake Shields’ first opponent in the …Next Page This entry was written by thwogel , posted on Monday July 19 2010at 04:07 am , filed under denis […]

  3. I actually think Kampman will win 😛

    The whole ‘not Fedor’ reference actually made me fall out of my chair. . . . . . . compensation for bumps and bruises sustained from fall is expected via post

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