Five Amazing MMA Entrances

Many purists may state that the most serious fighters in MMA come out to fight and that’s all. However, we all love to be entertained and sometimes entertainment doesn’t need to just be in a cage. In a sport full of charismatic individuals, it would be selfish if they didn’t share there crazyness and creativity with the world.

Here at MMA UK we’ve found five amazing MMA entrances that will either have you in hysterics.

1. Jason “Mayhem” Miller

The presenter of Bully Beatdown is definitely one of the most charismatic figures in MMA. Known for his outlandish personality and sheer craziness, Miller has entertained all whether he won or lost. However, his biggest trademark are his amazing entrances. Check out this great entrance from a DREAM event in 2009

2.Diego Sanchez at UFC 94

Do we enjoy watching Diego Sanchez fight? YES! Does he bring a lot of energy to his fights? YES? Do we know why he’s shouting yes before he gets to the ring? NO!

3.Tom Lawlor at any UFC event

When we talk about amazing, hilarious entrances that put people in hysterics…Tom Lawlor is the man! Enough said.

4.King Mo at Sengouku

King Mo really does bring the “pimp” in to MMA with this entrance. Although he’s in Japan he brings some hip hop video esque style to his entrance

5.Genki Sudo

I can’t sit here and tell you that I know a lot about Genki Sudo, because I really don’t, but I can tell you that his entrance before this fight is AWESOME!

Thanks for reading guys!



  1. What, no mention of Sakuraba, the pioneer of huge and messed up entrances?

  2. Where was Marius Zaromskis coming in an Akuma outfit

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