One day, We’ll be champions: Fighters for the Future

Although we all love present day champions such as Brock Lesnar, Georges St Pierre, Frank Edgar and Anderson Silva. However, we MMA UK have scouted some serious up and coming talent that you may or may not know about. These fighters are the hot prospects in MMA and you should keep an eye out for them as one day they could be huge

Jose Aldo/Featherweight/18 Wins – 1 Loss

This Brazilian wrecking ball has made a tremendous name for himself in the time he’s been in the states.  Aldo is currently on a 9 fight win streak and has finished 8 of his 9 last opponents in impressive fashion. He didn’t finish his last opponent, ex-golden boy of the WEC, Urijah Faber – but did practically break his leg with leg kicks.  Aldo has talked about moving up to the lightweight division in the UFC which would mean we’d see him fight against the likes of Kenny Florian, Frankie Edgar and BJ Penn – sounds fantastic

Aldo explaining his life before fighting

Highlights of Aldos fights

Credit to WEC, SHOOTO and Pancrase

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John “The Hitman” Hathaway/Welterweight/14 Wins – 0 Losses

Coming from the new generation of British fighters, John Hathaway is a fighter who comes from London Shoot Fighters. Unbeaten in 14 fights, Hathaway had a steady reputation before his fight with Diego Sanchez. Many thought that Sanchez would comfortably beat the young English man, but he prove all the critics wrong and won a unanimous decision against Sanchez. At 21 years of age, Hathaway still has a long time in the sport and has the chance to be the Welterweight champion.

Hathaway with the Fight Networks Ariel Helwani

Credit to The Fight Network

John Hathaway Vs Jack Mason

Gerald Harris/Middleweight/19 Wins – 2 Losses

Gerald Harris isn’t the youngest fighter in the Middleweight division. However, he’s one of the most impressive up and comers in that division. His knockout against John Salter was impressive to say the least. However, the slam he delievered to Dave Branch was one of the best knockouts of the year. His next fight against Alessio Sakara looks like it could be a fight that moves him significantly up the rankings in the Middleweight division.

Gerald Harris MMA highlights

Rory Macdonald

The future GSP? Some can see the similarities between the two fighters as both are Canadian, both are weltweights and both are very impressive. However, once GSP retires I could see Rory Macdonald being one of the few fighters in the division that could possibly be a Welterweight champion. Although he lost his last match against Carlos Condit, he showed his quality and that he could go with the best. The scary thing is that he’s going to get better.

Rory Macdonald Training Video


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