Weekly News Round-Up With JB

(Disclaimer: These are the thoughts of JB and not the entire team at MMA UK. Although possibly slightly offensive, they’re mean to be taken in a tounge in cheek manner – he’s a lovely guy really)

In the news this week,

Dong Hyun Kim, aka The Stun Gun, has been forced out of his match against John Hathaway due to an injury. This sucks for many reasons, the main one being that Kim is one of the more interesting new prospects to come up recently and he and Hathaway in the cage would be like two bums fighting over a box during a rainstorm in hell. Stepping in for The Stun Gun is Mike Pyle who you may or may not recall choking Jesse Lennox out cold at UFC 115. One good thing that comes out of this is that while both Kim and Hathaway are decision machines Pyle at least either finishes or gets finished as a rule so expect a short night.

The rumours were true; Martin Kampmann is indeed Jake Shields’ first opponent in the UFC! Since I already covered this topic in last week’s round up (Spoiler: Kampmann loses) and seeing how there really isn’t any payoff to this I’ll just show you a picture of Frank Trigg naked.

If you read Sarah Kaufman’s blog earlier this week – I didn’t because women’s blogs are full of cooties – you might think she was a little upset over having her title fought for as a co-main event in a Strikeforce: Challengers event. To better understand why she’d feel that way you first have to understand how the Challengers series is related to Strikeforce. Think of Strikeforce as a school (be it a shitty public school in the inner cities with a tough but fair teacher setting kids straight or the underdog private school with the passionate and fun loving principal and the sports team who seem to be on the losing track yet records a heart-warming come-from-behind victory against the rich kids in the end). Now say some students in the school require some… special attention before they can be allowed to hang out with the other students. That’s basically Strikeforce: Challengers. Now, knowing that it’s understandable that Kaufman would want a little more respect for her title and weight class, what does she do?

Well Ms Kaufman, Sarah, you’ve certainly got my attention.

There’s definite talk about Lyoto Machida facing off against Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at UFC 123 in November. This might sound awesome to some but I’m a bit sceptical. Both are counter punchers and Jackson has apparently forgotten his wrestling ever since the demise of Pride and reinvented himself as a boxer. Seeing how Rashad Evans barely hit Machida this can easily lead to some sort of all male version of Dancing with the Stars where Machida leads in a haunting yet jerky groove while Jackson swats at a fly in front of his face that just never goes away.

I’m probably making that sound way more awesome than it is.


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  1. I like the way you put that fake spoiler up to confuse ppl. . . . . Shields pfffft hilarious

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