UFC On Versus 2 Predictions

Who will prevail in the second UFC On Versus event

The MMA UK team have surfaced and are ready to make their predictions heard for the Upcoming “UFC On Versus 2” fight card which will be on August 1st 2010.

Frequent writer JB, newcomer Kris and myself are here to share our predictions on this explosive card

Takanori Gomi Vs Tyson Griffin


Two high profile lightweights coming off losses. Both fighters desperate for a win to gain momentum in a stacked division. I expect Gomi to come in and throw haymakers, using his knockout power that made him such a big name in Pride. However his lack of head movement and technical ability will be his downfall. Tyson’s boxing is very crisp. (no pun intended with referencing ‘Tyson’ and ‘boxing’ in the same sentence) As he displayed against Hermes Franca, He is quick, good footwork and he knows how to mix it up and create angles. I see it playing out similar to the Gomi vs Florian fight.

Tyson Griffin by Decision.


Poor Gomi. He really hasn’t looked the same, bla bla bla, we’ve heard this before. At one point, when Penn was MIA, Gomi was the undisputed king of lightweights. Undisputed. As in anyone telling you different will be going to hell for lying. Problem is that for whatever reason (and I have many) his stock has fallen along with the stock of Japanese MMA. It might be his refusal to train overseas, it might be his strict adhearance to the wild brawling style or it might be his mental game… yeah, probably his mental game. In any case, and it saddens me to say this, he’s going to have to reinvent himself to take out Griffin. Griffin will not go easy on Gomi at all and if he gets Gomi down he will either stop him there or grind out a decision. Gomi either needs to work on his striking along with his takedown defence or/and have worked on his submissions or sweeps off his back to take this one.

Either that or do his best Scott Smith impression. Griffin wins by submission (arm triangle)


Although neither fighter looked incredibly impressive in their last fights, if I had to pick a fighter to win out of these two, I’d go with Griffin. “The Fireball Kid” had his flame put out by Kenny Florian in a dominating fashion and I just feel that he no longer has the will or desire to compete against quality fighters. Griffin was also beaten in his last fight, but as always he came to fight and gave an energetic performance. I feel that Griffin has some really quick hands and he’ll finish Gomi.

Griffin/TKO/2nd Round.

John Howard Vs Jake Ellenberger


Easily a candidate for fight of the night. Two of arguably the most natural athletes in the Division. Strong, explosive and versatile fighters. I believe Ellenberger will be able to use his Wrestling to take down Howard and beat on him for the majority of the fight. Howard looks good off his back but Ellenberger’s base is solid. They are both good strikers but I don’t think Ellenberger wants any of Howard KO power.

Jake Ellenberger by decision.


I’m feeling good about this fight. Both guys have knockout power and are willing to scrap. Ellenberger is fresh off his TKO win over Mike Pyle after wearing him out for a round and staying out of Pyle’s submissions while Howard sports his KO of the night performance from the last UFC on Versus (strangely both he and Jones seem to be mainstays here). Who wins? Well Howard can certainly know anyone out but I think Ellenberger could control him and get a decision. Only time will tell.


This match has either “Fight Of The Night” or “Knockout Of The Night” written all over it. I’m a fan of both fighters and both have shown some talent in the cage. However, I feel that Howard might catch Ellenberger with a strike and daze him. If Ellenberger is able to smother him and hold him down for 15 mins then it’s Ellenberger’s, but for this fight I’m going to give it to Howard as I believe that he might just be too strong for the wrestling supremo that is Ellenberger.

Howard/KO/3rd Round

Yushin Okami Vs Mark Munoz


Yushin Okami (King of the undercard) is one of (if not thee) biggest middleweight in the division. Mark Munoz is without a doubt one of the best wrestlers in the division, not just technique, but also a great mental toughness that wrestlers seem to develop. This was on display in his last fight against Kendal Grove (which was a SPECTACULAR fight by the way) I think Munoz will use his Grit and determination to finish this John Fitch style.

Mark Munoz 3rd round TKO (punches)

An old school battle of the wrestlers. Okami has proven again and again to be quite the challenge with his size and wrestling but Muñoz has ridiculous heart and comes from what is arguably one of the most stacked camps in the sport right now in Blackhouse. Okami is great but I think Muñoz can take this, probably by decision.


 I believe that this fight is either going to be a snore-fest or an all out brawl. Mark Munoz really impressed me with his fight against Kendall Grove where he came back from near death and delievered some serious ground and pound against Hawaian. Okami was quite the polarizing figure when he began his UFC career, but I feel that his stand up, takedown defence and overall MMA game has excelled. It’s hard for me to pick which fighter will win, because they both feel relatively similar to me. However, I think that Munoz has the better wrestling and probably the better hands.

Munoz/Unanimous Decision

Jon Jones Vs Vladimir Matyushenko


Can anybody remember the last time the odds were so stacked for one fighter in a main event? Maybe Matt Serra vs George St Pierre? I don’t see the same type of upset happening this time round. Vladimir’s strength is his wrestling, but when you take in to account Jones’ Greco Roman background with his athleticism and his explosiveness, I can only seeing this being one way traffic. Vladimir needs to find a way to keep Jones on his back otherwise the Janitor is going to get taken to the cleaners.

Jon Jones by TKO 2nd round


This always struck me as an odd match-up and it still does. Jon Jones has destroyed every single man to get in his way so far and I can’t see him having trouble here either. Matyushenko is a tough dude, no doubt about that, and being a veteran he might have some cards up his proverbial sleeve. Problem is that Jones usually does as well so I see this coming down to who has an ace in the pocket to begin with… this is if they’re playing texas hold’em. In their fight Jones wins by TKO.


I think a lot of people are underestimating Matyushenko. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he’s going to win, but I think he has a better chance than most people give him. In my eyes, he’ll provide a difficult challenge for Jon Jones. Matyushenk has only been TKO/KO twice and those came from Andrei Arlovski and Antonio Rogerio Nogueria – neither of whom are slouches in the stand up area.I warn you – do not think that Jones is going to KO Matyushenko with ease. However, I think that Jones quickness and Greco-Roman wrestling ability will stop Matyushenko from utilizing his main strengh – wrestling.

Jon Jones/Unanimous Decision

Thanks for reading guys and welcome to the team Kris


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