Chael Sonnen: Digging Your Own Grave

For those of you who aren’t up to date on the Anderson Silva Vs Chael Sonnen issue, please realize that after this, you’re either going to think he’s hilarious or you’re going to completely hate him.

Let’s get the facts out there.

Chael Sonnen is a damn good wrestler. In fact, it’s arguable that he may be the best wrestler in the entire UFC. A US Olympic team alternate from Oregon, he’s also a politician and a real estate agent. Sonnen became the number one contender for the title after defeating former King Of Pancrase fighter Nate Marquardt.

Build up there fight

Sonnen after fight

So after winning his fight against Nate Marquardt, Sonnen decides that it’s time to go on a campaign to verbally destroy Anderson Silva. Someone would argue that he’s done pretty well with it as well. Truly a great use of his political prowess.

Various Interviews where Sonnen trashes Silva

Even Silva’s manager, Ed Soares chimed in with his opinion

How does Anderson react to Sonnens shenanigans?

However, this interesting fan video was filmed. Who knew that Silva and Sonnen have already met before the fight?

You guys make your minds up….whose side are you on come August 7th?


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