Knockout Of The Week

I was watching an old PRIDE FC DVD with JB the other day and it reminded me of the first MMA knockout I ever saw. My first introduction into MMA was Critical Countdown 2004, where Quinton Jackson fought Ricardo Arona. It was definitely a battle of styles as Jackson was known for his knockout power, whereas Arona was a skilled grappler. Just before this amazing knockout, Arona had Jackson caught in an incredibly tight triangle choke until…

This legendary knockout cemented Jackson as one of the most powerful light heavyweights in the world



  1. Man, not use ti seeing someone get knocked out that way … Jackson must have so much power to lift Arona off the matt like that and then slam

    • Considering the fact that he was in a tight triangle choke, that makes it even more impressive. Funnily enough, what people don’t realize is that it’s not the slam that knocks him out. They butt heads on the way down and it knocks him on concious.

      If you want to see a fantastic knockout though, I have a video of Pete Sells Vs Scott Smith which is awesome

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