Mixed Martial Arts and Music – Two unlikely, yet perfect partners

I have something of a confession to make in regards to when I watch MMA. I’m a bit of a psychoanalytical freak and although I enjoy watching the fights as much as the other person, there’s something that I else that I enjoy that some people may find a bit odd. I enjoy listening to the music that the fighters come out too.

Bare with me, I’m hoping you’ll understand by the time I’ve explained my reasonings.

To some people, the music a fighter comes out too is completely irrelevant. It’s just something they or even the promotion came up with to entertain the fans. Personally, I think it’s a great indication of the fighters personality or their mindset.

For example, Jeremy Stephens Vs Sam Stout at UFC 113 was a great fight, but I found the fact that Stephens coming out to “Forever” by Drake, Eminem, Kanye West and Lil Wayne. If you were to actually grasp the lyrics and use it as a metaphor for the fighter, you’ll see that he’s trying to tell people that he’s worked hard for his spot on the UFC main card and that he’s going to take his oppurtunity. Stephens has always been an impressive fighter, but if you coupled the choice of song with his performance that night then you can see quite a healthy and signifcant comparison.

Came out to "Forever" By Drake, Lil Wayne, Eminem and Kanye West

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m a huge Frank Mir fan. He’s a pretty intelligent speaker (besides from that oh so public “I want to kill Brock” comment) and is arguably one of the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners out there. Mir always comes out to the same song and some may say it gets him pumped and I wouldn’t disagree with them. However, I also think that it’s a great symbolization of his personality. Even though he’s had some bad losses in his career, he truly believes that he is Amazing. His swagger and arrogance/confidence exude from him in ways that I don’t see from any other fighter.

Much like Frank Mir, Georges St Pierre has lost his fair share of fights. There haven’t been many losses, but whenever he has lost, they’ve either been significant losses. One could say that they’ve been losses that have made St Pierre reshape his career and probably his life. His loss to Matt Serra was unexpected but arguably needed. Ever since that fight his career has been on a consistent upswing.

 “Dirty Hous” by Rohff was a perfect choice for his entrance  at UFC 74 against Josh Koscheck (who is his next opponent) It really showed the intensity of St Pierre as he began his quest to become the best fighter in his division again.


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