Weekly News Round-Up With JB

In the news this week,

UFC 118 is quickly turning into one of the more cursed events in the company’s history, having lost not only Phil Baroni and Jorge Rivera but now also Alessio Sakara and Terry Etim to injuries. This is bad news for Gerald Harris who, despite having worked his ass off in some of the more dramatic finishes we’ve seen in a while, now gets pushed back down to the unaired portion of the undercard. Sakara will be replaced with Joe Vedepo, AKA the guy Sakara kicked in the head, and will probably end with Harris earning yet another dramatic knock out that no one gets to see. Cheers Zuffa.

More unpleasant for all parties involved however is the return of Gabe Ruediger taking on Joe Lauzon instead of Etim. Ok, sure, the guy’s a lower-tier lightweight with some harsh losses to Hermes Franca and Melvin Guillard and he became the laughing stock of the entire MMA world when he dug his own grave on television, not to mention an inspired work-out session with Paris Hilton and that one picture of him drunk with wee in his pants that found its way to the internet; I guess you could say he’s to MMA what Planet of The Apes is to Tim Burton. Hey, look at the bright side: at least the odds are stacked against him making a bigger ass of himself!

In other news the biggest heavyweight fight in MMA history is going to go down on the 14 of September and in Poland no less! After much anticipation we’re finally going to see Eric “Butterbean” Esch take on Mariusz “The World’s Strongest Man” Pudzianowski… Oh come on, what’s with the looks of disgust? This is like a fight between Talos and the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man only way less epic and way more Polish. Throw in Bill Murray and you have a perfect summer blockbuster!

It’s also a great excuse for me to give a shout out to Per Eklund who’s also fighting on the card against a guy he should have no trouble beating.

Thursday the 12th of August marks the start of Bellator’s 115lbs women’s tournament, headlined by names like Megumi Fujii, Jessica Pene, Lisa Ward and Jessica Aguilar, and if you have the chance, you should check this out. Not only because the fighters I just mentioned kick ridiculous amounts of ass and would send many a doughy boy home crying after a solid ass whooping but also because Bellator, much like WEC, hasn’t come to terms with the fine art of making boring cards yet. Amateurs.

Seeing how Fujii is currently the #1 pound for pound female fighter in the sport saying she is likely to win would seem as big a certainty as David Caruso spouting horrifying one-liners… but this is 2010. This year has seen the fall of Lyoto Machida, BJ Penn, Fedor Emelianenko and, to a certain extent, Anderson Silva so who knows? Maybe this is the year the big names start to fade out.

So, let’s address the elephant in the room, shall we? UFC 117 was in many ways an awesome event with come from behind victories, upsets and some truly memorable moments. Unfortunately one of these moments was the Middleweight Champion’s complete implosion.

Coming into this fight I had no real stake in the outcome; neither fighter was someone I was passionate about and so I was mainly after a good fight and sure enough it was. But am I the only one who didn’t think Silva pulled the trigger in that fight? Letting Sonnen punch him repeatedly without guarding, even after being seriously rocked, and not capitalizing when he in turn had Sonnen hurt are just some of the things that outright bothered me. Now I understand that Silva claimed to have come in with a rib injury and that that has a serious effect on your conditioning but I have never seen a more nervous looking and tentative Anderson Silva in my life. After the fight I ended up being way more impressed with Sonnen and feel that a rematch can’t come soon enough, if for no other reason than that I’d like to see if that really is the best Anderson can do… and also if Sonnen will ever learn submission defence. 8 out of 11 losses mate, sort it out!

Finally, human bobble head Tito Ortiz has clawed himself back into the news much like a tenacious spider emerging yet again from the sink despite our best collective efforts to flush him out. This time Weeblehead stepped into the studio of Inside MMA to share his tactical assessments of his next opponent Matt Hamill. Let’s take a look, shall we?


Now, I very rarely get upset about trash talking but this is seriously crossing the damn line. Taking the piss out of a deaf guy is just low; he can’t even hear how funny the jokes are. Tito would be the expert on heads though, seeing how he’s had to manage more of it most of his life. See Tito, that’s how it feels!


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