The Frank Mir Enigma

Anyone whose seen Frank Mir knows that he’s a fantastic fighter. He’s a former two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion, he’s commented for the WEC and is a true ambassador to the sport. One could even imagine that he goes down in history as one of the great UFC fighters of all time.

Future UFC Hall Of Famer?

Although he’s considered a great by most MMA fans, Mir has been on somewhat of a downward spiral. Some say that he’s never been the same since he had his motorcycle accident, however I disagree. Mir was strong willed enought to get back on top after the motor cycle incident. If anything, he just needed to stop the ring rust and fall back in love with the sport. He did all of these things and eventually became the interim champion again.

One of the main issues that Frank Mir and so many others in his division such as Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos is that he’s a small heavyweight. Don’t get me wrong, Mir is a huge man, who is certainly a heavyweight. However, he has two other behemoths in his way who are arguably the biggest heavyweights around. One of those people being Brock Lesnar.

At UFC 81, these two fought for the first time.  Anyone whose seen this fight would come to the same conclusion. Mir was getting beaten up pretty badly, until Lesnar made a rookie mistake and got caught up in a submission. Although Mir won, we saw that he could get overpowered. The two eventually fought again at UFC 100, which this time Lesnar didn’t make the same mistake twice, completely over powering Mir and knocking him out.

After the loss to Lesnar, Mir decided to bulk up and put on some extra pounds – about 20 extra pounds. Now he was part of the real super heavyweight fighters in that weight division. He would then go on to face Cheick Kongo. Many fan thought he would win, and he did – in an impressive fashion as well. However, anyone who knows MMA knows that Cheick Kongo isn’t a top fighter in the division – certainly not on the calibre of Mir.

The problem with Mir gaining these extra pounds, is that it’s un-natural. Mir at his best is a 245 pound fighter. It’s almost as if he loses something when has that extra weight. This might’ve been shown when he fought Shane Carwin, who is a natural 265 pound fighter. Carwins manueverability was accustomed to his weight, allowing him to set a pace that Mir couldn’t keep up with. Eventually, it came to a point where he got knocked out.

The enigma that is Frank Mir isn’t essentially his fault. He was born into his body and has made a pretty good use of it. However, there is no cruiserweight division for him to dominate.The real question is can Mir adapt to the significant weight difference between himself and the likes of Shane Carwin and Brock Lesnar. If he’s unable to, then he’ll never be at top of the division once again.



  1. Sorry dude but I disagree, I don’t think it’s so much an ‘enigma’ as it is a lack of skill set.

    The guy has no wrestling. Not in comparison to Carwin, Lesnar or Valasquez. If there is anything he lacks thats due to natural genetics it’s probably his ability to explode. Which means he’s not naturally as powerful as other fibres. The likelihood is that he has slow twitch muscle fibres.

    His frame is taller and wider than Carwin’s and should be able to carry more weight naturally. I agree with Joe Rogan when he said that Carwin if anything should drop to 250. It would be a boost on his cardio and would be a more normal for his frame. A bit like Todd Duffee.

    Frank Mir is probably still the most technically sound fighter in the division. Great boxing and arguably the best guard in the division. But he has no wrestling and less power than the other upper echelon of the division.

    • So what do you reckon he should do?

      He’s talked about going down to 205, but that would be some crazy James Irvin scenario

  2. Learn to wrestle

  3. Nah, he’s one of the best, the problem is the massive weights now in the heavyweight division, I mean I can find a lot wrong with his game, but if there were 235 weight class he’d a main event fighter, the problem right now is if you’re 210lbs you gotta fight people who are 260lbs… Lesnar and Carwin and a couple others are super heavyweights…

    • Thanks for taking a look at the article. I think you’re right dude. I just don’t know how he can surpass it without the UFC making a division specifically making a division for fighters like that

      • No problem, I enjoy your blog, I can see you love mma. As far as the subject goes, I think eventually as mma gets more popular federations like ufc will have to divide the heavyweight level in two.

        My prediction is that it’ll be one of the smaller promotions that do it first and everyone who’s comfortable at 215 to 240 will end up there, then the ufc will have to budge…

  4. I have to disagree with you guys.

    It’s like Mir said, If guys weighing 265lbs is a huge problem, then change your diet and lifestyle and go down to 205.

    Mir weighed 265 against Carwin and still had no chance. He needs to learn to wrestle or drop to 205

    • Drop to 205 and he’ll have similar unnatural weight problems… With that said, he is a little older, and my comments mostly have meant to be general, there are a lot of pretty good 225lbs fighters who we’ll never know about because there’s no weight class for them and them alone…

    • It would be like when James Irvin dropped to 185 man or when Thiago Alves drops to 170.

      The weight cut to 205 would be WAYYYYYY too much for him, he’d be dehydrated hell and would lose a ton of power.

      Is it too late for him to learn how to wrestle?

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