Knockout of the Week

Let’s put this into perspective for those that don’t know who Mirko Cro Cop is. Back in the day, there was an organisation called PRIDE FC. During it’s prime it was arguably the best Mixed Martial Arts orgnisation in the world. At the height of it’s popularity, Croatian Mirko Cro Cop, was one of the most exciting fighters in the heavyweight division. Cro Cop’s best weapon was his vicious kicks. His headkicks were some of the most dangerous seen in the sport and he made a habit of using them to knock people out. Once Pride folded, Cro Cop moved to the UFC. In his second fight he fought Gabriel Gonzaga, who was on 2 fight win streak in the UFC. Realisticly, no-one truly expected Gonzaga to put up much of a fight against  Cro Cop. Apparently, so did Cro Cop. I wonder what happened to him…



  1. I found an downloaded a list of the Top 10 UFC fights as voted for by some forum and this was on it. The noise my mate and I made when he hit that was insane!

  2. Watching it as it happens you don’t even notice at first, but when you do, CHRIST ON A BIKE! O_O

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