Interview With WEC Lightweight Contender Shane Roller

The WEC has some quality Lightweight fighters. With the likes of Ben Henderson and Donald Cerrone in their ranks, it’s a formidable division. However, Shane Roller is making a pretty big name for himself in the division as well. Coming off a fantastic rear naked choke victory against Anthony Njokuani at WEC 48, Roller now faces Anthony Pettis in five days time at WEC 50.

A Day in the Life Of Shane Roller

Roller Vs Takanori Gomi – Grapplers Quest

Shane, it’s a pleasure to being interviewing you? How’s the training camp going?

It’s going good. I feel great and very prepared for this fight.

When you finished your wrestling career and finished college, was MMA the first thing you wanted to or did you have other dreams?

I didn’t think about or enter MMA right after college. I stayed around OSU to coach and get my Master’s degree. I was also building houses, so I was staying really busy, but none of those things were things I dreamed of doing.

In your first fight, you lost via TKO. Was there a point after the fight that you felt that MMA wasn’t for you?

No, I was pretty discouraged with the outcome, but I never thought about quitting. I just knew I had some things to work on in order to get where I wanted to be.


You then went on a five fight win streak against some tough opponents? I spoke to Joe Doerksen recently and he said that when he went on a 12 fight win streak he felt “invincible”. Did you ever have that same feeling?

No, not really. Only because I was still so new to the game and I could tell I was still learning tons of technique.

You’ve also fought the current WEC Lightweight Champion Ben Henderson. Would you say that was probably your toughest fight in your career so far?

I would say Marcus Hicks and Danny Castillo were tougher fights for me. Mine and Ben’s fight was crazy, but it ended in under two minutes. I had him, then he got me and it was over. I would say he’s the toughest competitor that I’ve faced so far.

Your fight against Danny Castillo earned you a Submission of the Night bonus? Were you surprised that you won?

No, I’m never surprised to win. I expect to win every time I enter the cage. It doesn’t matter who is on the other side of the cage. I know I put in the work and that I will win. Sometimes you just come up short, but that’s just life. Sometimes everything is done right, but it just doesn’t go as planned.


You’re next fight is against Anthony Pettis at WEC 50. What do you see as his weaknesses?

He’s a well-rounded fighter. I don’t see a lot of weaknesses in his game besides his wrestling.

For those that haven’t seen you fight. How would you describe your style of fighting?

A grappler who keeps constant pressure on his opponent in order to get to a dominant position, to finish fights.


Shane, thanks for your time and myself and the entire team at MMA UK wish you luck with your upcoming fight against Pettis. Is there anyone you’d like to thank?

Roller faces Anthony Pettis at WEC 50



  1. Thanks for the interview mmaukkingston! Nice Job! We apprciate your support and interest From the UK.

    • No problem!

      We look forward to interviewing the fighters again!

      Keep up the good work guys 🙂

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