Welcome To The Family – VigilanteMMA, Slaughterhaus and The Joe Show

As I said before when we gave the great guys at MMA Essentials a shout out – MMA UK only want to help support quality . Whether it be quality websites, quality shops or quality fighters, we won’t settle for less.

We’ve found three quality websites that hav linked up with us.

Firstly, VigilanteMMA is one of best news outlets out there. Updated consistently and always an interesting read, it’s almost like TMZ for MMA fans. They were the first people to break the Roger Huerta news to me and I’ve spread it around like wildfire ever since. These guys certainly know what they’re doing and we’ll continue to support them for as long as we’re online.

Joe Show Radio is one of the best MMA radio centric outlets out there. They’ve had some great guest including Manny Gamburyan, ichael Schiavello and others. They also give great predictions and analysis on fights. You might even hear me one day on show…

Finally, Slaughterhaus clothing are certainly the next big thing in MMA clothes. They’ve got awesome designs that incredibly original, which then make for some fantastic tee’s. Their tops are pretty cheap compared to other retailers and they’re definitely some of the best  independant fight wear I’ve ever seen.

You’ll be able to find each website on the blog roll, so check them out.


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