Weekly News Round-Up with JB

In the news this week,

Pharmacist J Michael Bennett, who has been sentenced to four years for selling steroids to athletes, recently gave up a list of people he’d been supplying to. On the list you’ll be shocked to find pro wrestlers Kurt Angle and Hardcore Bob Holly, a bunch of body builders and baseball players… ok, so nothing shocking or even remotely surprising so far but stick with me on this because the payoff is marvelous!

Also named on the list is UFC Heavyweight Shane Carwin, who you might remember for swatting flies away from the champion’s face before getting choked out a couple of months back. Seeing how Carwin has never failed a drug test this raises one rather serious question in regards to steroid testing in the sport of MMA: What the fuck is going on? I was just getting over Alistair Overeem testing negative and now you’re telling me he could be guilty anyway? Couple this with the Sean Sherk debacle some years back and the whole system for testing is looking pretty weak right now.

Carwin is scheduled to make a public comment soon so until then we’ll have to hold our breaths and see what he has to say. Maybe he’s been switching his samples with horse piss, considering how well that worked in the past, eh Randleman?
Due to an elbow injury it looks like Fabricio Werdum won’t be back fighting until 2011. This is great news for Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker who can now have his proverbial cake and eat it (a saying that doesn’t make any fucking sense by the way; if you eat your cake you no longer have it unless we’re talking about some kind of Schrödinger’s Cake here which exists as both eaten and uneaten at the same time) by setting up Fedor Emelianenko versus Alistair Overeem, the fight he was looking at before Werdum did the impossible.
It’s not as sneaky as you might think though as this has been done before in the fighting world. Remember when Maia got his shot against Silva without really having done anything to warrant it? Dan Hardy’s title shot comes to mind as well.

In any case the fight might as well go down and we’ll see if Werdum’s submission was his Buster Douglas moment or a clear sign that Emelianenko is on a serious decline. We’ll also get to see if Alistair “The Can Opener” Overeem has what it takes to fight the top guys in the division. Let’s hope this fight doesn’t disappoint… then again, have you ever seen a boring fight with these two guys?
Strikeforce crowned their 2010 135lb Womens Tournament Champion at the Strikeforce: Challengers event this week. Am I overhyping that title a bit? Probably but hey, kudos to Miesha Tate for completely dominating the fights! The tournament was, unfortunately, a bit of a disappointment but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be repeated. I’m one of the crazy bastards who enjoys the tournament structure (Bellator’s 115lb Womens tournament is still ongoing and awesome, remember?) and if they can just pull it off we might be able to bring back the glory of the old days where tournaments would scramble the rankings like nothing else in the world.

Once again, if you didn’t catch it then check up on Bellator’s 115lbs Womens tournament. Loads of great fighters putting on some seriously good fights and, well, if you need a reason to watch Megumi Fujii fight then you’re probably too busy trying to fit your shoes on your head right now to read this. So I can just write whatever I want, right? “Talking nonsense is man’s only privilege that distinguishes him from all other organisms.” Swish swoosh, bing boom bang and assorted fruit, my good man. Good day to you!

By the way Fujii won her first match and if you even needed an introduction to the pound for pound best female fighter in the world then you can’t go wrong here.

Also in the news it seems like former Ultimate Fighter cast member Ben Saunders has been cut from the UFC following his defeat at the hands of Dennis Hallman this last weekend. Saunders might be best known for being the first man to knock out Marcus Davis with knees that can only be described as devastating. Or knees, because that’s what they look like.
Considering Saunders is an entertaining fighter who always brings it, even if he ends up getting outworked, I for one hope to see him back soon.

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