WEC 50 Predictions

Tonight is the night that Dominic Cruz and Joseph Benavidez have a rematch for the WEC Bantamweight Championship. After their epic bout at WEC 42, these two men are set to go at it one more time. However, with the title on the line, the stakes are higher than ever before for these two competitors.

Also, top lightweight Shane Roller takes on formidable striker Anthony Pettis, featherweight fighter Cub Swan takes on undefeated fighter Chad Mendes, bantamweight prospect Scott Jorgensen steps into the cage with English fighter Brad Pickett and Bart Palaszewski goes against Zach Micklewright in a lightweight match up.

Bart Palaszewski Vs Zach Micklewright

This is really a fight between the journey man (Palaszewski) and the rookie (Micklewright). Palaszewski has had 47 fights, with a record of 34 wins and 13 losses, whereas Micklewright is undefeated with 7 wins. Palaszewski is an average fighter, who is decent at all areas of the game, where as Micklewright seems to be quite the knockout artist. One has to take into account the lack of experience of Micklewright, compared to that of Palaszewski and how that might affect the fight. Both fighters are on good win streaks, however I see Palaszewski beating Micklewright via decision.

Palaszewski Via Decision


Scott Jorgensen Vs Brad Pickett

This is a fight I’m really looking forward too as I’m a fan of both fighters and I feel that styles really make fights. With Jorgensen being a very dominant wrestler, he’ll be looking to put Pickett on his back with some great takedowns. However, you shouldn’t count out Pickett who has some fantastic jiu jitsu and some an expansive arsenal of submissions. Jorgensen isn’t especially known for finishing fights, as he mostly like to grind down his opponents with his superior grappling skills. I don’t think this will be an easy test Jorgensen though and I see Pickett winning via submission in the 2nd round.

Pickett via Submission 2nd round

Cub Swanson Vs Chad Mendes

This will be an interesting fight as Swanson really has a lot to prove. His record is certainly impressive, considering he’s got 14 wins and 3 losses. However, a loss via Anaconda Choke to a way past his prime Jens Pulver and a devastating Double Flying Knee by current champion Jose Aldo have really stalled Swansons star from rising. Chad Mendes is really trying to make a name for himself in the sport and could see Swanson as the scalp that puts his name on the map. Swanson really does have something to prove though and I feel that he’s going to do that tonight by beating Mendes with a TKO in the 2nd round.

Swanson Via TKO 2nd Round

Shane Roller Vs Anthony Pettis

Certainly an early contender for Fight of the Night, both competitors have been on a really good win streak as of late and are both vying for the number 1 contenders spot in the WEC lightweight division. Roller has been impressive in all of his fights, including his loss to Ben Henderson and Anthony Pettis is no joke either as he has serious knockout power (Note: Check out Pettis’s knockout of Danny Castillo – wow). I think that although Pettis is a strong striker,  Rollers fantastic wrestling skills are going to help him control Pettis and neutralize his main weapons.

Roller via Unanimous Decision


Dominic Cruz Vs Joeseph Benavidez

If the first fight that these two is anything to go on, then this is definitely going to be a war. Both fighters are energetic, have solid striking and great ground games and can win in many ways. It’s pretty difficult to predict whose going to win as in some ways they’re both very similiar fighters. However, if I had to choose I’d go with Cruz. Ever since he dropped down to Bantamweight, he’s been on an absolute tear across the division. One could argue that Benavidez beat Miguel Torres, probably the best Bantamweight fighter of all time, but Torres has had difficulties in his career recently that cannot be denied. I see both fighters negating each others styles considerably and this bout going to a decision, with Cruz dominating just enough to get the job done and retain the title.

Cruz via Split Decision


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