WEC 50 Results and Opinions

WEC has proven for the third time in a row, this year that it’s not just the UFC’s little brother. This fight promotion has some of the most energetic and hard hitting fighters in the world today. Anyone who thinks  that these fighters are pushovers just because they fight at a lower weight than the guys that you see in the UFC are foolish.  MMA UK takes a look back at a great night of fights.

Bart Palaszewski Vs Zach Micklewright

Everyone that has seen Bart Palaszewski fight knows that he’s a well-rounded fighter whose got a near enough got an even record when it comes to knockouts, submissions and decisions. However, I wasn’t expecting him to bring the fight Micklewright so quickly. Palaszewski had some good combinations and really let his hands loose on Micklewright. Respect is due to Micklewright though as he didn’t back down when Palaszewski tried to push the action and was certainly willing to trade with him.

However, in the second round Micklewright was caught witha fantastic body kick, straight combination that knocked him out. Palaszewski proved that he’s still a tough fighter and hasn’t lost any of his drive even though he’s on the 48th fight of his career.

Scott Jorgensen Vs Brad Pickett

Scott Jorgensen and Brad Pickett had a fantastic fight at WEC 50 and was certainly deserving of their Fight of the Night honours. When someone claims that two fighters were in a war, sometimes they overexaggerate. However, there was no exaggeration with these two as they truly had a close fight that could’ve gone either way.

Pickett won the first round with some fantastic stand-up and really brought the fight to Jorgensen. Jorgensen managed to take Pickett down and land some elbows, but it was a testament to the strength of Pickett that he was able to get right back up and bring it back to the area that he was most comfortable in. The most notable part of this round was definitely Picketts flying knee, which he executed pretty well.

The second and third round were also really close but certainly belonged to Jorgensen. His ability to take Pickett down at will was the main factor in Jorgensen winning those last two rounds. He worked hard from the top position and controlled Pickett just enough to make sure that judges had to give the round to him. Pickett did show that he wasn’t a slouch on the bottom and tried several attempts at submissions. However, in the end he wasn’t able to succeed with his attempts and Jorgensen pulled off the win.

Chad Mendes Vs Cub Swanson

As I said earlier in my predictions, this was Chad Mendes oppurtunity to  make a name for himself in the WEC and he sure did. Let’s be honest though, he didn’t exactly win in an incredibly impressive fashion. However, he showed a lot of maturity and completely outwrestled Cub Swanson. I do like Swanson and I think that when he’s focused and on his game, he can be a threat, but he hasn’t shown anything spectacular in his last few fights and he seems to be a bit of a fading star in the WEC. Hopefully, that’s not the case.

Anthony Pettis Vs Shane Roller

When someone asks me to describe the WEC to them, I always say energy. These fighters really leave it all in the cage and this fight was no exception. Roller and Pettis really threw caution to the wind and completely went for it. I’m a big fan of Roller and I initially thought that he would roll (pun intended) through Pettis and get a shot at the lightweight title and have his rematch against Ben Henderson. Obviously, Pettis didn’t feel the same way as he showed some fantastic takedown defence against a top quality wrestler in Shane Roller.

The great thing about this fight was that there were some really flashy moves, great ground work and some awesome stand-up from both fighters. It’s certainly a match you could show to someone who had never watched MMA before and make them easily impressed. A noteable moment in the fight was when Pettis managed to somersault out of the mount, by using the cage.

It was really a crazy match, with both fighters looking very tired heading into the third round. Although Rollers wrestling prevailed, he caught in a fantastic triangle choke, with nine seconds on the clock left. It was a greatperformance from both fighters and as bad as Roller feels about losing, he gave a great account for himself and is certainly still on his way to the top of the division. Look for a Pettis vs Henderson fight in the future and judging by performances from Henderson in his last fight and Pettis against Roller, we’re in for a treat.

Dominic Cruz Vs Joeseph Benavidez

The rematch between these two magnificent Bantamweight fighters was electric. Cruz and Benavidez obviously wanted to show what they were capable of. It was a back and forth affair with both fighters putting it all on the line for the title belt. The first round belonged to Cruz as he managed to land some great strikes on Benavidez and finish the round on top of him. However, Benavidez showed his stand-up abilities when he struck Cruz with a fantastic right that rocked Cruz.

The second and third round were all Benavidez as he landed some big shots and had some fantastic takedown. It’s obvious the amount of desire that Benavidez has to be the champion as although he took the second and third round, he took some pretty good shots from Cruz that might’ve rocked  other opponents.

In the fourth and fifth round, Cruz used his ability to take Benavidez down and control him to get the points that were needed to get him the win. There were some notable moments with the standup, but it seemed as if Cruz was going to walk away from the bout with the decision, by using great wrestling to subdue Benavidez. In the end Cruz managed to get a split decision against his opponent. Would I disappointed to see a Cruz – Benavidez III. Definitely not. However, I’d still like to see Jorgensen take on Cruz now that he’s on a serious run.


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