Strikeforce: Houston Results and Opinions

Last night at Strikeforce: Houston, we saw Rafael Cavalcante defeat King Mo Lawal in a great fight for the Light Heavyweight Championship, Ronaldo De Souza beat Tim Kennedy in a five round war for the Middleweight Championship, KJ Noons won a controversial, yet convincing decision against Jorge Gurgel and Bobby Lashleys hype train was finally stopped. What a way to end a week of Mixed Martial Arts Action.

Bobby Lashley Vs Chad Griggs

Now we know why Lashley was avoiding a fighter with a high pedigree. We’d been waiting for Lashley to make the step-up in competition for a while now. However, he seemed to make big statements, then choose low-level fighters to try to beat. Chad Griggs seemed to just be another person to add onto Lashleys ever-growing record of wins. However, it was not to be as Griggs came in and gave Lashley a solid beating. No-one expected it, no-one saw it coming, but Griggs tired out Lashley and then landed some big shots on to him to make sure he couldn’t go into the third and final round. Griggs now has a scalp to his name, whereas Lashleys hot prospect status is officially dead. Welcome to the big leagues Bobby.

KJ Noons Vs Jorge Gurgel

Well at least Gurgel doesn’t disappoint the fans. He’s definitely got a kill or be killed attitude when it comes to his fights and once again, he proved that he had no intention in going to the ground and using his BJJ to his advantage.  As I said in my predictions, it’s one thing going into a slugfest with someone whose on par with you in the stand-up game. However, it’s a different scenario when you go to war with someone who is an accomplished striker, such as KJ Noons.

Noons really bided his time with Gurgel and when he was able find his range with the Brazilian he landed strikes at will. The first controversial part of this fight was the punch after the bell. Noons practically knocked Gurgels head off with a fantastic hook just after the bell. This wasn’t a Paul Daley Vs Josh Koscheck situation though as it was a split second punch that can happen in any fight.

Once the second round began, Noons wasted no time in knocking down Gurgel who was obviously still groggy after the last strike that Noons gave him. Noons continued to land blows to Gurgel until the referee jumped in. There was some controversy at the end of this fight as well as Noons struck Gurgel with what looked like an illegal kick. However, at the end of the day Noons came away with the victory and we could see Noons Vs Diaz II soon.

KJ Noons interview Ariel Helwani regarding the Gurgel fight

Tim Kennedy Vs Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza

Time and time again fighters are told to finish the fight and never leave it judges as they may see things in a completely different way to you. Tim Kennedy found that out the hard way. Kennedy was frustrated by Souza for the majority of the fight but we even had it the fight three rounds to two, for a Kennedy win. However, the judges didn’t see it that way and somehow Jacare Souza managed to leave Houston with the Middleweight Title.

King Mo Lawal Vs  Rafael Cavalcante

In last nights main event, King Mo defended his LHW against Rafael Cavalcante. Sadly for Mo, he was unable to stop Cavalcante from hitting him with some vicious strikes. I’ve got to give King Mo props though as he’s a very intelligent fighter. He knew that Cavalcante was going to try to knock him out and he knew that he was the underdog in the fight. He tried to stop him, yet he was unable endure the punishment that Cavalcante inflicted on him.

Cavalcante looked incredibly impressive during this fight and his Muay Thai was fantastic. However, much like the LHW Championship in the UFC, the Strikeforce LHW is a hot potato and it will be interesting to see who Cavalcante faces next and whether he can hold on to the title for a longer time than Lawal.



  1. I would love to say welcome to the big leagues for Bobby but Chad Griggs? More like welcome to league 1.

    Souza vs kennedy was just a bad. Mayhem Miller should beat Souza on the rematch. Though I rekon Cung Le will probably get the next shot at the title

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