Weekly News Round-Up with JB

In the news this week,

The rematch of this generation won’t take place yet it seems, as Fabricio Werdum is out of his fight with Russian badman Fedor Emelianenko… wait, no I’m sorry, I’ve already covered this haven’t I? I meant of course the rematch between former TUF alumns Matt Wiman and Mac Danzig at Ultimate Fight Night 22 on September 15th. The beef, if you may, stems from a very controversial stoppage where the referee called “Technical Submission” and Danzig offered “Oh no you di’n’t!”, so a rematch was immediately scheduled. Ok, so admittedly I’m not exactly on pins and needles for this fight but both guys are scrappers so when it eventually happens (probably around the same time Pac Man fights Mayweather…) I expect a serious payoff. I’m talking end-fight of Highlander here. There can be only one!

Current DREAM Featherweight champion Bibiano Fernandes has turned down his second title defense due to DREAM officials failing to pay him for his last fight. For those of you who don’t remember he battled Joachim Hansen to a very hard fought victory at DREAM 13 back in March and, this is a very personal opinion, if I’d had to do that I’d want to get paid too. Is this a sign that FEG, the parent company of DREAM, might be having financial troubles? Well, considering that PRIDE FC collapsed due to yakuza involvement and that some of the same people from Dream Stage Entertainment now work for FEG it’s entirely possible. The yakuza, after all, are much like herpes; violent, tattooed and flamboyantly dressed herpes but herpes none the less.
Regardless it seems like FEG is still coming out guns blazing with their next DREAM card so if they can gather enough gaijin who are willing to risk getting beaten up for no money at all they’ve got themselves a show.

Antonio Rodrigo “Superman” Noguiera has listened to his body for the first time in his career and pulled out of his rematch against Frank Mir due to a hip injury. This is a sound decision on Noguiera’s part considering that the hips is one of the more important part of… well, any martial art. Except perhaps arm wrestling (if we’re to trust the Pride FC video game).
So who better to step in than veteran striker Mirko Crocop? Well, let’s see… hmm, seems no one else even remotely on that level was available…
I kid, honestly but for god’s sake! A jump from Pat Barry to Frank Mir? While I won’t count Crocop out just yet, despite him saying he’s not ready for the fight (oh lord…) this is quickly shaping up to be a bit of a squash match.
If Crocop wins though…

Did something awesome just blow past this week? It sure did and it’s called WEC, son! As usual the WEC cooked up a show full of exciting fights including a SICK fight between Shane Roller and Anthony Pettis which I’m now going to show in it’s entirety, because I’m nice that way.

Anthony Pettis Vs Shane Roller

That’s why we should all watch WEC, guys.

Also on the card was the rematch (wow, that has turned into a theme this week, hasn’t it?) between Joeseph Benavidez and Dominic Cruz for the Bantamweight championship. After five hard rounds in a very entertaining fight Cruz managed to secure the win and solidify his position at the top of the ladder. It’ll be fun to see where this goes and just how dominant Cruz proves to be, especially with Miguel Torres’ claiming that he, much like a phoenix (with a mullet), has been reborn into MMA. Only time will tell.

On the rear of this week in fights sat Strikeforce: Houston and all in all it was a pretty good show.

The evening kicked off with Bobby Lashley taking on Not-Fedor AKA Massive Sideburns AKA Chad Griggs who by the way beats Tim Sylvia up and down the block when it comes to gratuitous belt shots.

I tried coming up with something funnier than this. I failed.

Griggs ended up knocking Lashley absolutely silly in the second round and so I guess it’s no more than fair that I stop referring to him as Not-Fedor now. Too bad I’m a complete asshole and delight in the misery of others so I will instead compare him to Fedor until the day he dies. Take that Griggs you successful bastard!

We also got to see a war for the ages between Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza and Tim Kennedy where Kennedy came up short in a decision so close he’s bound to complain and King Mo getting dethroned by a vicious knockout courtesy of Rafael Cavalcante. Both these fights were detailed by my esteemed colleague Aundre earlier today and since I’m not going to dwell on them you might want to check that out.

Because something else happened that night, didn’t it? Something incredibly stupid.
KJ Noons took on the man with the worst gameplan in the world in Jorge Gurgel, a jiu jitsu black belt deathly afraid of canvas. While most people seem to wonder why Gurgel doesn’t like the ground anymore I have a theory as to why and that theory is Masakazu Imanari. Oh and by the way, this video it pretty disturbing, especially Gurgel’s reaction. Bear that in mind please.

“That scream at 1:58 says it all.”

In case you’re wondering: yes, that’s the injury Gurgel was referring to in TUF 2.

Ever since that fight he’s been reluctant to go to the ground so maybe Imanari scarred him a bit. In any case this fight sees a very skilled and accomplished striker go up against a grappler who wants to box. Well, how do you think it’s going to end?

Haha, No!

Noons knocks Gurgel down with a vicious punch after the bell has sounded the end of the first round. Gurgel is clearly out yet they put him on his stool and get him ready for round 2… ok, so no point deduction or even a warning for that strike? I guess the ref must’ve missed that one shot.
In the second round Noons promptly knocks Gurgel out with a huge shot, however the badger that lives in the ref’s head hasn’t given it’s ok yet so Noons ends up standing there, waiting for a stoppage. When it doesn’t come and Gurgel starts to come to he knees the downed Gurgel in the head, immediately getting the ref’s attention, as well he should, and is declared… the winner by KO. Alright, what’s up here? The only one even questioning this seems to be Mauro Ranallo, insisting that the knee was indeed illegal. Frank Shamrock, on the other hand, is content at smugly condecending Ranallo during slow motion replays of the clearly illegal knee. Pure professionalism as always.

To be fair though KJ Noons spoke to Ariel Helwani after the fight and stated that the punch was in fact thrown before the clock and just happened to land after it rung and also that the knee just hit Gurgel’s chest. Well, that clears that up.

In related news Josh Barnett denies steroid accusations.


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  1. That Gonzaga picture. . . . . . .priceless

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