Who are the Heavyweight title Options for Alistair Overeem?

Last night at Strikeforce: Houston, Strikeforce lost a potential heavyweight star in Bobby Lashley. Don’t worry MMA fans, he’s not dead, but his chance to get up there and battle with the best heavyweights that Strikeforce have to offer is essentially dead if he cannot get back on his winning streak and beat some better talent than Chad Griggs.

My main thought after watching the fight between Lashley and Griggs is who is how shallow the depth of heavyweight talent is in the heavyweight division of Strikeforce. Who is really out there for Alistair Overeem to fight in the division and who is a legitimate threat. MMA UK profiles the legitimate contenders for Overeem…

Possible Contender 1

Fabricio Werdum is the most obvious choice to face Alistair Overeem for his Strikeforce title. His win over Fedor Emilianenko was legendary and he’s at the top of his game when it comes to BJJ, as Fedor will no doubt tell you.

For Werdum getting the title shot

  • He has beaten one of the greatest fighters of all time in Fedor Emilanenko
  • He’s on a three fight win streak
  • There’s arguably no better heavyweight with Jiu Jitsu compareable to his
  • He’s already beaten Overeem with a Kimura

Against Werdum getting the title shot

  • Werdum has a suspect chin (Note: Junior Dos Santos knocked him silly)
  • He’s injured and will be out until next year and we’d like to see Overeem fight at least one more time this year
  • He’s a good twenty pounds lighter than Overeem, meaning there’s a significant size and strength disadvantage already between the two.


Possible Contender 2

Arguably the greatest fighter to grace the sport of MMA, Fedor Vs Overeem was the fight we all thought we were going to see. However, his loss to Werdum derailed those plans. Or did they?

For Fedor getting a title shot

  • He’s a legend who deserves a title shot in the promotions he fights for
  • He’s still got an amazing record
  • It would be a huge draw as a fight between these two would be significantly intriguing
  • Fedor ALWAYS has a punches chances (Note: Ask Brett Rogers, he’ll tell you)

Against Fedor getting the title shot

  • He lost definitively against Werdum via Triangle Choke/Armbar
  • Hasn’t fought a top quality opponent in many years
  • His lack of respect for Jiu Jitsu may cost him against a guy like Overeem who is known for his incredibly tight Guillotine Choke
  • Isn’t exactly worthy of a title shot after an unconvincing win against Brett Rogers and his loss to Werdum
  • He’s on the last fight of his contract and Strikeforce wouldn’t want to see him go the UFC with their heavyweight title ala Jake Shields

Possible Contender 3

Antonio “Big Foot” Silva is certainly one of of the other main contenders for the Alistair Overeems title. With a record of fourteen wins and two losses,  Silva is knocking of the door of the heavyweight divisions elite

For Silva getting a title shot against Overeem

  • An exciting fighter who has both solid striking and a solid ground game
  • Has beaten former UFC Heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski
  • Is near the same size as Overeem so there won’t be a significant size advantage

Against Silva getting a title shot against Overeem

  • Probably needs one or more two fights against top quality opponents to move himself into title contention
  • Has been beaten by Werdum
  • There are fighters in front of him more deserving and have a better pedigree




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