Unfit2Fight Press Release


Mark Amor-Carling is Unfit2Fight

  • One Man’s Epic Journey into the World’s Toughest Sport
  • From Writer to Fighter in 12 weeks training
  • Filmed by BlockHouse Films for an upcoming TV series
  • Journalist Mark Amor-Carling enters the Octagon with the UK’s top MMA Organisation – Ultimate Challenge –  September 18th, Troxy, London
  • Unfit2Fight.com


(London, August 2010) Can an out of shape, heavy drinking, chain smoking, burger munching journalist cut it in the world’s toughest sport with only 12 weeks of training? Brighton based Mark Amor-Carling thinks he can, and will be stepping into the Octagon on September 18th at UCMMA 15: Showdown in front of a sell out crowd for his biggest challenge to date.

With the help of the most experienced and skilled mixed martial artists, top nutritionists, boxers and cage fighting promoters, our hero in training will take on veteran fighter Jason ‘Badass’ Barrett in three five minute rounds of full contact MMA. Every punch, every kick and every tear is being captured by BlockHouse Films for an upcoming TV series as we follow this gruelling attempt at understanding these modern gladiators from the inside.

The team:

  • Dave O’Donnell: legendary promoter, founder of UCMMA and cage fighting guru who introduced the sport to the UK heads up team. He’s guiding, advising and showing Mark every aspect of this glamorous yet dangerous sport.


  • Dale Hatt: one of Britain’s most dangerous men, taking a break from looking after global super-stars such as Timberland and JaRule is putting his expertise into training Mark full time


  • Nick ‘Head Hunter’ Champman: Ground n’ Pound and conditioning coach, owner of fight-science (fight-science.co.uk) and rising MMA star


  • Gary Turner: Kickboxing coach, black belt in Judo, Jiu Jitsu, 13 times world champion – Certified Practitioner of Hypnosis and Certified NLP Practitioner


  • Mark Prince: Champion boxer and KO King – the striking coach showing how to land the perfect one two.



Dave O’Donnell said: “It’s not often that guys come along who say they want to fight and actually do – Marc Carling is one of those guys – balls as big as coconuts and obviously no fear. Every time I’ve trained with him and put him to the test he hasn’t backed down. He may not be the best fighter in the world but he’s guaranteed to come out and give it 100%. “



  1. A good fight I wanted to witness

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