UFC 118 Predictions

UFC 118 isn’t one of the most anticipated events of the year. It’s solid, but I think this event is more about answering questions and sorting out where fighters are in the UFC “rankings”. Is BJ Penn going to exact ferocious revenge on Frankie Edgar, or does Edgar have the answer (see what I did there?). Can MMA legend Randy Courture beat boxing legend James Toney whose been on Chael Sonnen trash talking levels ever since the card was announced. Even I’ve resorted to calling grown men princess.

Can Demian Maia destroy the memory of his embarrassing last fight against Anderson Silva and build himself up again when he faces Mario Miranda or will Miranda make him name for himself and take out the BJJ specialist.

It’s a fight for the number one contender for the lightweight title. Will it be third times a charm for Kenny Florian or will Gray Maynard bully him out of title contention. We also have a Welterweight matc-up between the Nate Diaz and the Irish Hand Grenade, Marcus Davis. Will Diaz be able to move further up the welterweight division or will the experience of Marcus Davis prevail?

As always your three favourite MMA analyst Kris, JB and myself Aundre will be giving you guys our opinions on whom we think will win.


Nate Diaz Vs Marcus Davis

Koscheck vs St. Pierre is scheduled for December. Jon Fitch or the winner of Jake Shields vs Martin Kampman likely to be next in line. Neither of these guys are truly in the mix. Nate Diaz is trying to establish himself as a factor in the welterweight division and Marcus Davis is doing everything he can to avoid being the new welterweight gatekeeper. A couple of wins could put either guy in the conversation as it’s new blood for the title, especially if GSP is still the champion. This fight is perfect timing for both fighters and truly is a must win. I believe Nate is truly more technical on the ground and on the feet but Marcus Davis will probably show Nate a level of power that he hasn’t handled before in the octagon

I’m always a fan of technique prevailing and I think this will be no different. The Irish hand grenade is no stranger to submissions so I think he will avoid being finished but I think Nate Diaz will be the victor.

Nate Diaz Via Submission


This fight should be a blowout. We’ve got two guys who won’t back down and have solid stand up skills. Davis probably has the edge standing but if it goes to the ground Diaz will absolutely murder him with his jiu jitsu. As much as I like Davis we all know that Diaz is more than willing to pull guard if he wants it on the ground and unless Davis can avoid that it’ll be a short night.

Diaz by submission



I’m a big fan and a big believer in the talents of both Diaz brothers. Although I think Nick is the better fight at this current moment in time, I don’t think that’s anything to take away from Nate. His ground game is sick, he loves a fancy submission and his striking has become a lot sharper. I feel that Marcus Davis is past his prime and should be beaten by Diaz. However,  he isn’t called the Irish Hand Grenade just for the hell of it, so Diaz has to watch out for a vicious strike otherwise it could be a bump in his career.

Diaz by Submission


Kenny Florian Vs Gray Maynard



Well and truly number 3 and 4 in the division within the UFC at the moment. With Kenny Florian desperately trying to get another shot at the title, while Gray is adamant to get the fight that he feels should’ve been his prior to Edgar’s short. I think that the fight will be a stand up war until Gray gets frustrated and takes Kenny down. Florian definitely has one of the most under rated guards in the division but I do believe that he is going to get well and truly bullied. Gray is determined, motivated and has the size to give Florian more problems than he can handle.

Gray Maynard via Decision


This is one I’ve gone back and forth on for some time now. Florian is a very well rounded fighter, so much so that people forget that he’s a grappler first hand! Maynard, however, is not so well rounded; everyone knows he’s a wrestler and everyone knows he’s going to try to take Florian down, smother him and try to win by decision. What this fight comes down to in my mind is two questions:
can Maynard take Florian down without getting badly hurt and once there can he control him? If the answer to either of those questions is No then I think we’ll see Florian walking away with another win and possibly another title shot.

Florian by submission


I’m a huge fan of Kenny Florian. I think he’s one of the most well rounded fighters in any division and constantly improves on aspects of his game and as he likes to point out, he finishes fights. He has always been a pretty exciting and energetic fighter and that’s why fans love him.

However, I think he’s met a man in Gray Maynard who is going to be able to control him and stop his Jiu Jitsu, which is one of Florians main weapons. This fight is really a question of whether or not Maynard can take Florian down and is Maynards wrestling better than Florians Jiu Jitsu. Personally, I don’t think it’s going to be a good night for Florian…

Maynard via decision

Demian Maia Vs Mario Miranda


This both looks and feels like a tune-up fight for Maia but looking through Miranda’s previous fights he’s not one to sleep on. He’s got great jiu jitsu, solid wrestling and pretty heavy hands so if Maia lets himself get punched in the face it could spell disaster for him. Of course Maia is going to have the advantage on the ground, no questions asked; he’s submitted black belts before and made it look easy. So I guess what I’m saying is that Miranda is in there to play the part of the can but don’t be surprised if he should fight back.

Maia by submission


Possibly the best thing to happen to Maia. Mario Miranda has stepped up to fight Maia due to Alan Belcher and his detached retina. Belcher offers massive problems for Maia, Miranda . . . . . not so much. I expect Maia to use his new found stand up confidence to get on the inside and either pull guard or take Miranda down. Once he’s there it’s pure and simply game over. Two wins in a row and again he can work towards the number one contender spot.

Demian Maia via Submission 1st Round
(Submission of the night)


I don’t have much to say on this fight as I don’t know much about Mario Miranda. I do know that Demian Maia is a fantastic BJJ artist and I’m convinced that he’s going to take him down and make him tap. Sorry Mario, but you’re fighting a high calibre opponent that is probably way over your pay grade.

Maia Via Subission

Randy Couture Vs James Toney


Randy Couture, one of the true pioneers of the sport. Well rounded fighter with a solid Greco roman background. James Toney is by far the best boxer to wear 4oz gloves. Logic would suggest that Couture is going to use his wealth of experience to get on the inside, take Toney down and well and truly beat him up (probably from half guard). However with Randy getting rocked in a couple of his last fights, going in the hardest puncher he has ever faced, I’m going to go with the under dog.

James Toney by way of Ray Mercer vs Tim Sylvia (just not as quick)


Someone is getting embarrassed in this fight, trust me on that one. Couture is a seasoned veteran in MMA and one of the legends of the sport while Toney is a seasoned veteran and a legend of boxing. Throwing the whole “MMA vs boxing debate” out of the window (because it isn’t a debate unless you also debate rugby vs football or curling vs golf) this one comes down to two guys with very simple gameplans.
Toney: Punch him in the face.
Couture: Don’t let him punch you in the face.
Whoever executes their gameplan the best will win and I’m gonna go with Couture on this one based on experience alone. We’ve seen boxers try to cross over to MMA before (Yosuke Nishijima comes to mind) and while Toney is certainly training for his fight I think his lack of experience is going to do him in. Still, if Randy boxes with him he’s gonna get KTFO.

Couture by TKO


This fight is really a case of who does what quicker. Can Couture take Toney down first or can Toney light up Couture face like a christmas tree? I’m not sure really, but if I had to take a guess I’d say Couture. Couture has always been a smart fighter and a great tactian. He knows he’s getting old and his chin isn’t what it used to be, so he has to go for what everyone is presuming he’s going to do. He’s going to go for the takedown and it doesn’t matter if Toney has been training his wrestling – he’s a newbie to the sport. He’s not going to be able to get up once he’s on the floor and then Toneys nickname is going to haunt him as I believe it will be lights out for the boxer.

Couture via TKO

BJ Penn Vs Frankie Edgar


This is an intriguing fight, more so than last time they fought, because now Edgar has a chance to prove that last time wasn’t a fluke. If he manages to beat Penn again it will completely mess up the rankings and also kind of mess up the way we currently view MMA; where suddenly the small guy, who with today’s BS weight cutting plans should be fighting at Featherweight yet decides to use his speed at a higher weightclass can be dominant.
Penn isn’t going to have that, of course. While he’s already admitted, and I agree, that Edgar winning wasn’t a fluke but rather a well executed game plan he’s vowed to fight a better fight and get his title back and secure his legacy. This is honestly a tough fight to call because on paper Penn has every advantage but the speed and possibly the cardio but despite this we’ve seen Edgar steal a decision from him. In my mind Edgar has all the tools and he might just have figured Penn out. I’m probably crazy but I’m going with the champ on this one and expect an awesome showing from both guys who both have something to prove.


This fight reminds me of a Call of duty game where you edge a win by a couple of kills and then in the next game you get nuked. I believe that BJ Penn will well and truly provide the Vaseline as his rape of Edgar will look that easy. BJ Penn is in the top 5 best pound for pound fighters in the sport and we will all see why on Saturday

BJ Penn via Total destruction 3rd round (only because he wants to make Frankie cry in the first 2 rounds)


I’m going to make this short, sweet and in mathematical terms.

BJ Penn +Motivation + I need for revenge = New champion.

Enough said!



  1. Your picks were great – but you picked the boxer over Randy? Tell me you didn’t just do that?! I mean even if Randy lost, you just don’t do that! LOL!

    • Haha remember that there are three of us contributing to the picks. I think I went with Randy Couture, although I’ll give it a check!

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