Celebrating A Legend

By JB and the Team at MMA UK

I’ve been a Jens Pulver fan for a long time and it’s not always been easy. The man has had both highs and lows but always brings a great passion to the cage, no matter the opponent or situation. He’s fought the best and overcome things that’ll give the devil himself nightmares, which makes him all the better to focus a documentary on!

Yeah, there’s been a documentary in production for a while about Jens and now it’s on the brink of release. Unfortunately it hasn’t been an easy shoot as the budget has been questionable most of the time but fans have helped push the film forward and here’s our chance to get this movie out there and make sure this story is told, because it’s one worth telling!

If you go to http://thislovelymachine.com/jenspulverdriven/ you can preorder a signed limited edition copy of the movie for 30$. The campaign is to help cover the last expenses and every bit helps as always. The special edition is limited to a 1000 copies and the preorders end on the 10th of September so get them while they’re hot.
The movie itself is slated for release on the 1st of November.

If you’re still unsure then just check out this teaser for the movie. It’s looking pretty damn good from where I’m sitting.

Jens Pulver is a legend in the sport of MMA and an awesome human being. Let’s honour him properly and get this film the attention it deserves.


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