Fight Music with UCMMA Light-Heavyweight prospect, Nick “Headhunter” Chapman

"Depends on what type of training I'm doing - but these make me wanna smash peoples heads in" - Nick Chapman

Today in Fight Music, we’ve got one of the top Light-Heavyweight prospects in  the UK at the moment, Nick “Headhunter” Chapman. Chapman is making his MMA debut at UCMMA 15: Showdown at the Troxy, London. If you haven’t seen Chapman, the man is an absolute bull and one has to wonder what keeps him in the gym for so long.

Motivation is key whilst traning for a fight and listening to music whilst training can sometimes make a huge difference. These are the tunes that Chapman works out too.

1.       SNAP – The Power

2.       Illusions – Cypress Hill

3.       UFC Official Theme Song, Face The Pain – STEMM

4.       Rock Super Star – Cypress Hill

5.       Lick a Shot – Cypress Hill

6.       Aint Goin Out Like That – Cypress Hill

7.       UFC – ultimate fighter championship Theme tune

8.       In Da Club – 50 Cent

9.       Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice

10.   Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer


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