A Guide To The Divisions: Which division works best for you

MMA UK are back with another “MMA for Dummies” article. This time we take a look at some of the divisions in MMA. We’re going to go from the Lightweight Division to the Heavyweight division in depth to see which division works best for you.

Lightweight division

The lightweight division is for the fighters that weight 155 pounds. The lightweight division holds some of the more faster fights in MMA. Don’t be fooled by their lack of size as they still pack a serious punch. Obviously there will be less knockouts  in this division as they don’t carry as much weight as the others, but what the lack in weight they make up or with tenancity and endurance.

Key Fighters

BJ Penn (UFC

Frankie Edgar (UFC)

Shinya Aoki (DREAM)

Gilbert Melendez (Strikeforce)

Clay Guida (UFC)

Ben Henderson (WEC)


I believe that the Welterweight division has arguably some of the most technically gifted fighters in MMA today. With a mix of speed, endurance and heavy hitters, the  170 pound division has some quality fighters these days. This division has some of the best wrestlers in MMA today and they certainly use it to their advantage.

Georges St Pierre (UFC)

Jon Fitch (UFC)

Jake Shields (UFC)

Nick Diaz (Strikeforce)

Hayato Sakurai (DREAM)


The home of arguably the best fighter in the world, the middleweight division has some hard hitting strikers with some fantastic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners as well. One could argue that the Middleweight division is one of the less stacked divisions in MMA. However, those at the top tier of the division are still fantastic fighters.

Anderson Silva (UFC)

Chael Sonnen (UFC)

Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza (Strikeforce)

Nate Marquardt (UFC)

Demian Maia (UFC)


The Light-Heavyweight division in MMA has had some of the most fantasitc brawlers, ground game generals and some of the most charismatic fighters to ever grace the game. This division is arguably one of the most intense at the moment, with the title changing consistently between fighters. It’s unpredictable, exciting and a definite one to watch.

Shogun Rua (UFC)

Rafael Cavalcante (Strikeforce)

Gegard Mousasi (Strikeforce)

Rashad Evans (UFC)

Rampage Jackson (UFC)

Lyoto Machida (UFC)

Jon Jones (UFC)

Ryan Bader (UFC


This is whre the baddest men on the planet reside – the big boys. Due to some of the size of the fighters, it’s hard for them to keep up the fights for 3-5 rounds. However, these fights barely ever last the distance, due to the sheer power of these savages. With each fighter having serious knockout capabilities, no wonder it’s a crowd favourite.

Brock Lesnar (UFC)

Fedor Emelianenko (Strikeforce)

Alistair Overeem (Strikeforce)

Cain Velasquez (UFC)

Shane Carwin (UFC)

Frank Mir (UFC)

There you have it guys. A guide to some of the division in MMA today!

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