Fight Music with No1 contender for the UFC Lightweight title, Gray “The Bully” Maynard

Gray Maynards Playlist


 How does one become a bully? Well there are numerous ways of doing it. Of course you could just be a bad ass wrestler, that could work.

Or you could be undefeated in all your professional fights. Yeah, that could be pretty impressive as well.

People will tell you that Gray’s wrestling is second to none and they wouldn’t be lying. They’ll also tell you that being undefeated in 10 fights is pretty impressive. Hell, being the only man in the world to have beaten the current UFC Lightweight champion, Frankie Edgar is an achievement in himself.

 However, the real key to becoming a bully is listening to some hardcore hip hop that frightens the death out of your opponents.  Here’s Gray Maynards playlist.

Hit em Up – Tupac

 Hail Mary – Makaveli

 Welcome Back – Young Jeezy

 Lose My Mind – Young Jeezy

 Jailhouse – Sublime

State of Love and Trust – Pearl Jam

 That’s Right – Three Six Mafia,

 Shut It Down – Pitbull

 B.M.F – Rick Ross

 Thug Luv – Bone,Thugs N Harmony and Tupac

 Or just let a Jeezy or Tupac album play!!


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