Five Fantastic One Sided Beatdowns

Anyone will tell you that a fight should be 50/50, with each fighter having their own fair share of chances to finish the other. Sometimes a fighter sheer mental strength will allow them to beat their opponent or the simple fact that they were physically superior.

However,  in some cases, it simply comes down to the fact that one guy was really angry and decided to give his opponent a beating that they hadn’t seen since there parents pulled down their pants and decided to give them a good ol’ fashioned hiding. MMA UK gives you guys five awesome beatdowns.

Georges St Pierre Vs BJ Penn

Idon’t know abou you but I always find a fight more interesting if  the two fighters really don’t like each other. It always means that little bit more when they throw a punch or a kick if they truly despise each other and I think that’s certainly the case between these BJ Penn and Georges St Pierre.

The first time these two fought, it was a close split decision, which could’ve gone either fighters way. However, when it came to GSP vs BJ Penn II, it wasn’t even close. Both fighters had talked a lot of crap before the fight and when it came to put it all down in the cage, GSP gave BJ a beating that has haunted him to this day. It’s not every day that your own corner throws the towel in for you.

Wanderlei Silva Vs Rampage Jackson

Before the UFC became the MMA juggernaut that it is, there was PRIDE. Pride had some of the best fighters in the world and one of them was the legenday Wanderlei Silva. He took the heads off of his opponents like no other fighter and was a fan favourite. However, besides from his numerous beatings of Kazushi Sakuraba, one of the most famous beatings that Wanderlei ever dealt to an opponent was to Rampage Jackson.

To those that only ever saw Rampage knock Wanderlei out, you missed out on a history lesson. You may not have realised the utter relief that Rampage had after finally beating Wanderlei at UFC 92, so here’s a nice little recap for you as to why it mean’t so much to him.

Urijah Faber Vs Jose Aldo

This fight was hard to watch for many reasons. The main one was the fact that Urijah Faber was the golden boy of the WEC. He was the guy that fans wanted to see. He had an exciting style, had a great look and a great personality and was great for the sport – until a young brazilian by the name of Jose Aldo stepped into the WEC. Aldo looked incredibly dangerous in all of his fights (ask Cub Swanson, he’ll nod and agree for sure) and was putting all those that stood in his way on their back. Surely the main man of the WEC would be able to put the young buck in his place? Sadly for Faber, that wasn’t the case.

I have never in my entire life seen such devastating leg kicks administered to one man. Aldo punished Faber like I’ve never seen anyone do in my entire life. Sure Faber was beaten by Mike Brown, but not like this. It was almost as if Aldo was trying to make a statement that he was the best in the world and if you wanted to prove him wrong, step into the cage. After watching this fight, one may claim that it’d be best to stay out of the cage with Aldo. I know I’d rather be me than Manny Gamburyan right now.

Cole Miller Vs Junie Browning

Here are the rules that you should abide by if you’re a fighter and you don’t want to get your ass kicked severely.

1. Hype a fight the best way you can, but do not be disrespectful (especially if you can’t back it up)

2. Realise that mistake, try and explain to the guy that’s just hype talk and you mean nothing by it. Or you could get into a brawl with the guy at the weigh-ins. That works too.

3. If all else fails, you’ve got to beat him senseless or get every word you said smashed down your throat. Go figure.

Cole Miller kicks Junie Brownings ass

Joe Lauzon Vs Gabe Ruediger

Following my previous pick, you’d think that Gabe Ruediger would not follow in the footsteps of ol’ Junie Browning and try and keep his mouth shut and let his hands do the talking. Of course, we’re talking about THE Gabe Ruediger, the notourious TUF misfit who got sent home for failing to make weight, whilst eating cake. Then decided to lambast Joe Lauzon any chance he could get. In fact I’m going to take a quote from an interview he did with my guys at VigilanteMMA when he was asked if he would find it easier to prepare for the fight after spending so much time with Lauzon in the TUF house.

I don’t think so. Its been 3 years since that show aired. We are both different fighters and have had huge improvements. The biggest thing that has made it easier to prepare for fighting Joe is that I REALLY want to hurt/beat him.  After I do that, I hope we can be friends though.”

One senses some sarcasm from Mr Ruediger. Bringing a cake to the weigh-ins with some more sarcastic comments place upon the cake probably wasn’t the smartest thing ever. Cue a beatdown in Boston!

Joe Lauzon Vs Gabe Ruediger

Todays lesson kids? Don’t chat if you can’t back! Otherwise embarrassment awaits you


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  1. Wanderlei is a beast!

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