Interview with Hot Prospect UFC Lightweight, Evan Dunham

Dunham faces Sean Sherks at UFC 119

As the depth of talent in the UFC lightweight division increases, there are fewer lightweights than Oregons own, Evan Dunham who have made a significant impact in his division. Dunham is unbeaten in his career and is about to face his biggest test yet against well seasoned ex-champion, Sean Sherk at UFC 119. MMA UK recently did an interview with Evan regarding his fight with Sherk in a week and half and various other subjects.

Hey Evan, thanks for taking the time to do the interview. How’s your training camp gone for your upcoming fight against Sean Sherk?

 Camp has gone great and finishing up this week.


Obviously, hardcore MMA fans know who you are as you’re one of many exciting prospects in the lightweight division of the UFC at the moment. However, for those who don’t know you are, could you give them a little background history on yourself before starting in MMA?

 I am from Eugene, Oregon where I was born, raised and lived for 28 year. I recently just moved to Vegas. I wrestled in high school and started BJJ when i was eighteen and going to school at the U of O.  I started fighting as an amateur as soon as I graduated college.

What does a normal day of training consist of for you?

It depends on the day, but it covers mitts, conditioning, weights and pro practice at Xtreme Couture. It really depends on the day.


We’ve interviewed a lot fighter’s with awesome nicknames. We’ve had The Reem (Alistair Overeem) El Dirte (Joe Doerksen) and The Bully (Gray Maynard). How did you come up with 3D as yours?

I did not come up with it the guys from MMAjunkie just started using it and so did some fans.

What was the first MMA fight you ever watched and what was about it that interested you the most?

Forgot who was fighting but I remember thinking that it was the purest form of fighting that I had seen.


Were there any serious nerves going into your first fight?

Sure, but wrestling and competing in BJJ tournaments helped me through it.

Usually a fighter’s first fight doesn’t go the distance. However, your fight did. Do you think that was a good thing as you new straight away what it takes to win a fight without a stoppage?

Sure, I have never really thought about that but it sounds right.


You made a huge impact in your first fight in the UFC against Per Eklund, knocking him out in the first round. Did it somehow feel slightly anti-climatic as you’d finally made it to the big leagues and suddenly you were out of the cage with a couple of minutes?

Not really, I was just really excited and was happy that i was able to finish the fight.

I think a lot of people were impressed with your skills against Efrain Escudero. Would you say that’s been your toughest fight in your career so far, even though you’ve had some split decision wins against opponents such as Marcus Aurelio and most recently Tyson Griffin?

That is hard to say. Efrain was tough, but I knew after the first round that on the ground I had him. I would have to say that Aurelio and Griffin were tougher and brought more to the table.


You’re next fight is against Sean Sherk, a former UFC lightweight champion and a man whose only been beaten by some of the best fighters in your division. What do you feel are your strengths and his weaknesses and how do you feel they match-up going in to the fight?

It is hard to point out weaknesses in Sherk’s game. I really think that it is going to come down to who wants it more and who is best prepared.

You’re one of many of the many stand-out fighters training at Xtreme Couture. What’s it been like training and learning from such fighters as Randy Couture, Forrest Griffin, Martin Kampmann and Gray Maynard etc?

It is great because it gives you confidence going into a fight knowing that you train with some of the best in the game.

Obviously the training environment at Xtreme Couture as everyone is trying to better themselves, but you’ve got some fantastic characters such as Forrest Griffin and Mike Pyle there. Any funny stories that you could share?

Not really. I get in and get my work done and get out.

The lightweight division is incredibly stacked at the moment, with the likes of Frankie Edgar, Gray Maynard, BJ Penn, George Sotiropolous and Kenny Florian all around the top of the division. Where do you see yourself amongst those fighters?

I am not concerned with that. All I am thinking about is the Sherk fight and winning this fight. The rest will pan it’s self out.

Evan, it’s been an absolute pleasure. Is there anyone you’d like to thank?

Thanks to all my fans that support me and my sponsors TCB Fight Wear and Sprawl Fight Shorts.


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