Five Bitter Feuds in MMA

I’m going to ask you a question. Why do you watch MMA? Simple really, for the fights. Right? Well yes, but there’s more too it. It’s amazing when you see two quality fighters go agains each other. However, it’s even better when the two fighters hate each other. When two people, who truly don’t like each other, get in the cage and go at it, it makes the crowd anxious with anticipation, provides a significant talking point for the media and even more importantly can result in massive pay-per view numbers.

In response to the on-going feud between Georges St Pierre and Josh Koscheck at the moment, MMA UK lists some our favourite feuds in MMA.

Chuck Liddell Vs Tito Ortiz

The Iceman Vs The Huntington Beach Bad Boy was one of the first feuds that really got me going when it came to MMA. Of course there were quite a few feuds in MMA before this particular one, but I don’t think many have reached the sort of levels that this one did. During this period in time, Liddell was cementing his  status as one of the top fighters in MMA. However, it seemed that Tito Ortiz was ducking Liddell. Incensed by what seemed to be a lack of respect by Ortiz, Liddell fought all challengers and defeated them, until he could get his hands on Ortiz and the Light-Heavyweight title.

Sadly for Tito, this happened…

Donald Cerrone Vs Jamie Varner

The war of words between these two started before their first fight at WEC 38 for Varner’s Lightweight title. There were the usual fight talk by both competitiors afterwards, which caused some bad blood. However, after Cerrone landed an illegal knee to Varner stopping him from continuing and resulting in Varner winning by Technical Split Decision, things got really bad between the two.

The two never really fail to throw verbal shots at each other, but with their rematch at WEC 51 coming up. Taken from an interview at Fighting Opinion Cerrone had this to say about his opponent;

“This is real, this isn’t like the WEC trying to get us to you know to amp it up, which I’m not,” Cerrone said of his feud with Varner. “He’s really a f*g. I mean, that’s what he is, you know, and his true colors will show up. You can’t hide your colors, man. They’re going to turn up and everyone’s going to see. He’s going to call timeout or he’s going to look for a way out, he’s got the b***h gene, man, and when you have a b***h gene it don’t matter what you do you can’t fight and you’re either born with it and that’s who you are as a person and you can’t fix that, you know, and it’s going to come out.”

He continued the tirade…

“I hope my emotions have all to do, yeah, I hope my emotions have everything to do with this fight,” said “Cowboy.” “I hope they come out and I’m just f***ing fired up and all I want to do is go out there and kill him and that’s what going to get me going that first round, you know, I want to come in that first round and just rip his face off, you know that’s the plan. I don’t want to come in and sit back and let him dictate it, I hope my emotions drive me. I fight better on emotion, ask Leonard, he trains me every day. When I’m hot and some new guy comes in the gym and wants to throw down, that’s when I do my best, you know. So, I hope my emotions take over and I just kill this dude. I hope this is the first death in MMA.”

Looks like this is no longer a MMA bout, but a straight up fight. Talking of fighters wanting to kill their opponent…

Frank Mir Vs Brock Lesnar

These two huge  Heavyweights met for the first time at UFC 81. Mir managed to submit the inexperienced Lesnar, but not before Lesnar gave Mir a significant beating. These two became bitter rivals after Lesnar beat Randy Couture for the UFC Heavyweight title and Mir beat Big Nog for the Interim Heavyweight title. After a significant amount of trash talk, the two met at UFC 100. Even though Lesnar soundly beat Mir during their bout, the  bad blood has continued and hit a turning point when Mir said this during a radio interview…

Due to Shane Carwin giving Mir another beating, we won’t be seeing Mir Vs Lesnar III anytime soon. However, us fans can always hope…

Rampage Jackson Vs Rashad Evans

These two Light-Heavyweight savages are known for their MMA skills and egocentric personalities. That’s why the fans either love them or hate them. However, like in most situations, if you put two people with huge ego’s in a situation with each other, then it’s going to cause fireworks. That’s exactly what happened between these two.

Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans first met in the cage after Rampage won his fight against Keith Jardine and shared some “fruitful” words.

After injuries, retirement and movies stopped the two from fighting each other, they finally met at UFC 114. Rashad beat Rampage via unanimous decision. Hopefully these two can meet once again as it would surely make money.

Matt Hughes Vs Matt Serra

This heated rivalry stems back from when Serra was a contestant on TUF. Serra openly criticised Hughes because of his behaviour. His lack of respect for Georges St Pierre and general egotisical attitude riled Serra up.

Their fight at UFC 98 seems to be the end of their heated rivalry. What a heated rivalry it was though.


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