Fight Music With S-Cla$$ from Vigilante MMA


Our buddy S-Cla$$ at ViglanteMMA saw what we were doing with the Fight Music articles and wanted to get involved. MMA UK obviously obliged to his request. VigilanteMMA are one of the fastest rising MMA sites in the world. Whether it’s serious interviews (check out the Jake Ellenberger interview and George Sotiropolous interview) or funny ancedotes (The Biggest Winner and Biggest Loser pieces are a personal favourite of ours), they constantly bring good information. Here are their music picks!

Killing in the Name, Rage Against the Machine

Enter Sandman, Metallica

Thunderstruck, AC/DC
Bodies, Drowning Pool
Iron Man, Black Sabbath
American Badass, Kid Rock
Hurt, Johnny Cash
Ladies and Gentlemen, Saliva
Bawitdaba, Kid Rock
Also Sprach Zarathustra, op. 30, Richard Strauss (shout out to my boy Ric Flair)

You can visit VigilanteMMA via the link or follow them on twitter @vigilantemma


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  1. […] We have no idea why S-Cla$$ would be featured in such a cool piece, but honestly everyone at VigilanteMMA is just grateful he didn’t include 10 Miley Cyrus songs.  Check out the official “Fight Music” of S-Cla$$ at MMA UK here. […]

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