The UFC-WEC Merger – 5 Dream Fights

Now that the WEC and UFC  have finally merged, MMA UK brings you the fights we want to see the most.

Anthony Pettis Vs Gray Maynard

One fighter has some of the flashiest, yet effective striking in his division, plus a killer guard. Whilst the other is everything his nickname claims to be – a bully. Maynard smashes his opponents for 15 mins straight without any let up. , whereas Pettis is looking to finish his opponents, whether it be standing or on the ground – and it’s got to look pretty.

Maynard seems to enjoy complete dominance of his opponents, whilst Pettis is trying to get that Knockout of the Night/ Submission of the night every time.

Frankie Edgar Vs Ben Henderson

I’m not trying to make any predictions on whom is going to win the UFC Lightweight title. However, after listening to Ben Henderson on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, I know that he definitely believes that he can do what BJ Penn couldn’t and beat Frankie Edgar. Whether they face each other for the title is a different story.

Shane Roller Vs Evan Dunham

These two are just straight up savages who will go toe to toe, whether it be the ground or the floor. Evan Dunham lost a controversial decision to Sean Sherk and Shane Rollerlosta hard fought battle to Anthony Pettis. This battle of lightweights could be what they both need to elevate themselves to the top again.

Urijah Faber Vs Clay Guida

Don’t act as if you can’t see Clay Guida going down to featherweight for a dream match-up etween Urijah Faber. These two energiser bunnies will go to war for 15 minutes straight and would probably be a fight of the year candidate. We can only dream.

Jose Aldo Vs BJ Penn

I don’t even have to say anything. The words bring a shiver down my spine and the names should automatically make Dana White think $$$. If BJ can’t get motivated for this, then he needs to retire.


What We Learn’t from UFC 121

After every MMA event that MMA UK covers, we’ll be doing a feature called “What we learn’t from…”.  This time we’re going to be focusing on UFC 121.

5. Court McGee isn’t a one and done fighter

Is it me or does the quality of fighters going into TUF these days seem to be quite poor. There haven’t been any real stars that have left the house since the early days of the show. However, Court Mcgee looks as if  he’s actually a pretty good fighter. His cardio and strong chin were what saved him from being beaten by veteren Ryan Jensen in the 1st round and a half. Then as soon as he sensed that Jensen was tiring. McGee pounced on him and finished him off. McGee is certainly a tough character (Don’t believe me? You go through an addiction to Heroin and Cocaine, then be declared clinically dead and STILL be alive AND an MMA fighter) and his toughness certainly carried him through this fight and might just carry him to the upper echelon of fighters.

4. Jon Madsen isn’t a “boring fighter”

It’s official, Jon Madsen is not a boring fighter. What? Seriously? No, I’m serious! If you haven’t seen him run through Gilbert Yvel and give him  a vicious beating then I advise you to find it. For future notice Mr Madsen,  I know you’re supposed to take your opponent down by any means neccessary. However, when I’m fearful that you may run your opponent through the cage, injuring poor Dana, I get anxious…

3. All The Nightmare need was a little Jackson in his life

Diego Sanchez was back with vengance…or just a really cool looking takedown. What’s the key to making Sanchez into a nightmare? Apparently it’s Greg Jackson. Who’d of thunk it?

2. Tito Ortiz is about as relevant to MMA, as Gus Johnson is relevant to MMA…get it?

I don’t want to say too much besides from… Tito, please retire and become the third man on the commentators team. Or just retire.

1. Brock Lesnar is actually a human being!

Yes, he looks scary. Yes, he can run 40 yards in 4.6 seconds (Thankyou, Joe Rogan Experience) and yes, he has a very large “sword” on his chest. However, Brock Lesnar learn’t an interesting lesson. You maybe the biggest and possibly the strongest Heavyweight fighter, but strength doesn’t beat technique. In fact, technique OWNS strength. Just a shame for you that Velasquez has technique in abundance. Plus a really hard punch. Viva La Mexico

10 Awesome Joe Rogan Quotes

One of the most recognizeable voices in MMA today is the voice of Joe Rogan. The Boston born comedian has been with the UFC for many years and no-one can disputed that Rogan knows his stuff when it comes to fighting. A brown belt under Eddie Bravo and a champion at Tae Kwon Do, Rogan understanding the sport is second to none.

Plus, he’s funny as hell.

Here are some of Rogan’s best quotes from the UFC and his podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience”, which I recommend to anyone who likes some form of joy in their life.

10.  “Lady Gaga has a funky mug” from the Joe Rogan Experience, where he and his guests discuss whether or not Lady Gaga is hot

9. ” Nick Diaz is talllllkkkkinnngggg”  Play by Play on Nick Diaz talking crap to Joe Riggs

8. “Oh no, they spilt a bucket over. This is like the goddamn three stooges. What are you freaks doing?” –  The infamous Ice-Spill

7. “Alistair Overeem is genetically engineered to fuck your girlfriend” – Joe’s thoughts on Alistair Overeem

6. ” Real Talk….I wish you motherfucking woulddddddd”  -Joe Rogan impersonating R.Kelly

5. “If I was you, I’d smoke weed and look through a microscope” -Joe Rogan DESTROYS a pastor

4.” WHY DOES IT INTEREST ME! YOU’RE STEALING OTHER PEOPLES SHIT!!!!” –The legendary argument between Carlos Mencia and Joe Rogan

3.”Whoever made paranormal activity 2 I want to shit in your mouth and throw you off a cliff. P.S. FUCK YOU” – Joe Rogan tweets about…well, you can read…

2. No Hey, Hey, Hey …” – Joe before he puts some idiot in a Muay Thai clinch and attempts to Anderson Silva/Chris Leben someones face.

1. “You can go on for 15 minutes about meteors, you don’t have to go to mars first…” – Joe Rogan slaughters a caller-in on radio.

Thankyou Mr Rogan and please continue you with your legendary quotes.

Submission Of The Week – ….And 20 Seconds Later…

I know we’ve put this on the site this week, but  I’m so incredibly enamoured by this guillotine choke, it’s not even funny. I’ve fallen in love with it so much that I’ve started using it on my flatmates when we play fight. Cody Mckenzie, MMA UK salutes you!

Knockout Of The Week – Ultimate Challenge, Ultimate Knockout

Left Hook, Good Night, Enough Said.

UCMMA 17: Kings Of The Cage Press Release

UCMMA 17: Kings of the Cage
December 4th, Live from Troxy, London

· Kelly V Lee (Title Fight)
· Daniels V Smith
· Millar V Chapman
· PLUS: Queens of the Cage go head to head in UCMMA’s first female bout

(London, 29th October) Christmas has come early for MMA fans as UCMMA, the UK’s top MMA Organisation, announces a stacked card for its final event of the year, UCMMA 17: Kings of the Cage – live from Troxy London on Saturday 4th December.

The card features two title fights, plus the first ever Ultimate Challenge female mma bout. UCMMA 17 features crowd favourites Ben Smith, Nick Chapman and Djo Lema alongside hot new prospect Cory Tait.

Fighting out of Shootfighters, Wokingham based former Thai Boxer, Michelle Tyler said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for me to fight on the UK’s most high profile MMA Organisation and I’m training hard to do myself and Shootfighters proud. I’ve been waiting so long for a fight and opponent. I’m really excited about it… Now, it’s really about getting in the cage and seeing what happens from there.”

Hull based Vickie Watts (managed by Rosi Sexton) said: “This is going to be a really big test of my skills against a very tough opponent. It’s exciting to be a part of such a big promotion.  Right now I’m not nervous but I’m sure as the fight comes closer the nerves will start to kick in.”

Sexton added: “Previously UK fights have been mismatched and one-sided with someone less experienced being brought in to fight someone bigger. What stands out about this show is that it is really well matched. This is a big thing and a real sign of progress that we have got to a stage where we can see competitive female fights. This will be a chance to showcase female MMA at its best.”

We’ve also got the return of the man with the some of the most educated hands in UCMMA, Mark “The Shark” Potter. Coming off the back of an explosive performance at UCMMA Invincible, Potter is shaping up to be one of the UK’s most destructive and devastating heavyweight prospects.

UCMMA Promoter Dave O’Donnell said: “It’s going to be mince pies and black eyes on December 4th – Christmas has come early for UCMMA. We’re so glad to welcome back Ben Smith after his recent injury, he’s hoping to prove that the unbeaten Irving Daniels will taste defeat at the hands of Big Ben and if rumours are true we are also bringing in the biggest ever MMA fighter in this country at 175 kilos … so watch this space. And look out for Millar V Chapman; the trash talk between these two has got the fans talking; Millar his mocking Chapman in a series of YouTube blogs and Chapman is promising his army of supporters that he’s going to re-arrange Millar’s face.”

“I’m also really excited about finally matching two girls on UCMMA, it’s been a long time coming but hopefully this will be the first of many female fights and these two girls are real warriors. There‘s already a lot of hype around this and it’s going to be one of the most talked about fights this year.”

How Does Cody Mckenzie Tap Out His Opponents?

I’m assumig that everyone who reads this blog, also watches The Ultimate Fighter. With the current season airing, we’ve some really interesting characters, but no-one as interesting as Cody Mckenzie. Mckenzie doesn’t look like a fighter, doesn’t act like a fighter – hell, judging what he said about his own qualities against Marc Stevens qualities, he probably doesn’t train like a fighter. However, what we do know is that Mckenzie has an amazing guillotine choke. For those that have been living under a rock and haven’t seen this fantastic choke, take a look.

Pretty awesome right? Well, here’s how the secret to what Cody likes to call the “Mckenzitine”