UCMMA 16:Unbelievable Press Release

UCMMA 16: Unbelievable
October 23rd, Troxy, London

· Facey V Amasinger
· Weir V Sines
· Smith V Thompson

(London, October 8th) Sick and tired of MMA shows promising the world and then not being able to deliver?

There’s only one place you need to be, in that case, and it’s Ultimate Challenge at the Troxy on October 23rd.

You want big fights? Well here at UCMMA we aren’t going to bore you with David vs. Goliath. How about Goliath vs. Goliath; as Oli Thompson, former Britain’s strongest man, takes on Big Ben Smith, the UCMMA Super Fight Champion. This fight’s got all the potential to be the biggest battle since Godzilla smashed up Tokyo. If you love BIG fights, you don’t want to miss this one.

You want technical battles? If you want liquid smooth technique then look no further than the main event as Jamaine Facey steps into the cage against Dean Amasinger. The buzz about this fight is huge already and it’s not hard to see why; if you haven’t seen Jamaine fight yet, you really don’t know what you’re missing.

Facey possess the accuracy and poise of Zorro coupled with striking that wouldn’t seem out of place in The Matrix. Dean Amasinger, however, is no walkover; a brutally strong mixed martial artist with pneumatic ground and pound that could take down a building. This is, without a doubt, a candidate for fight of the year and the winner will be throwing down the gauntlet to the rest of the division.

You want legends? Well how about Mark Weir; UKMMA’s answer to Sir Galahad, a true chivalrous knight of the cage with almost surgically précise striking. Weir has fought all over the world against the toughest guys but he’ll have a battle on his hands as he takes on kickboxing hurricane Luke Sines for the UK1 Middleweight Title.

That’s not even close to how much action we’ve got as we bring you slugfests, submissions, ground and pound, UK1 bouts, martial arts tradition, new talent, entertainment and the greatest mixed martial arts show on the planet. The card is packed full of every type of fight you could ever imagine and promises to be one of the best shows of 2010.

It’s not going to be far away from Halloween, but the only thing you need to be scared of is missing out on this amazing card. UCMMA 16: Unbelievable, the best fright night fight night that you’ll ever see.

UCMMA 16: Unbelievable
Live at the Troxy on October 23rd
Experience the best mixed martial arts event anywhere.

Fight Card

Dean Amasinger V Jamaine Facey (WW)
Luke Sines V Mark Weir (MW UK1 Title Fight)
Oli Thompson V Ben Smith (HW)
Adie Preda V Linton Vassell (LH)
Pete Mercer V Jack Bostwick (LH UK1 LH Title)
Cory Tait V Dino Gambatesa (FW)
Tommy Kelly V Khalid Ismail (WW)
Symeon Kyurchiev V Richard Griffin (WW UK1 – REMATCH)
Carl Kinslow V Galore Bosando (WW)
Johnny Donoghue V Ben Craggy (MW UK1 Fight)
Simon Carrington V Dominic Plumb (LW)
Khalid Raja  V Huseyin Garabet (FW)
Wayne Brown V Kevin Salisbury (MW)
Dan Shortman V Alex Harvey (FW)
Charlie Baldwin V Steven Sidwell (WW)


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