Strikeforce: Noons Vs Diaz II Predictions

“Don’t be scared, homey” – Nick Diaz

There have been some pretty memorable in the short history of MMA, but the moment that sticks out to me the most is when Nick Diaz tried to punk out KJ Noons. I think a lot of people were hoping to see Diaz Vs Miller, but Strikeforce decided to give the fans the next best thing with Noons Vs Diaz for the Welterweight Championship. Tonights card looks as if it’s going to be pretty exciting indeed. MMA UK are here to show our thoughts on whose going to win tonight.

Tyler Woodley Vs André Galvão

The phrase styles make fights is used all the time when it comes to MMA and I think that this fight is a perfect example of two fighters with different styles going at it. Woodley is a fantastic wrestler, whilst Galvão is one of the best BJJ fights in the world (seriously, he’ll choke you in his sleep). I think both fighters have a great future in MMA, because they both have strong bases, but I think that Galvão is such a great BJJ fighter that if this goes to the ground, I’ll expect Woodley to get submitted.

André Galvão via Submission (Armbar)

Josh Thomson Vs  JZ Cavalcante

I totally expect these two fighters to completely throw down and go to war with each other. Josh Thomson is a great fighter, but I think his time has come and gone and he’s going to find it incredibly difficult to get to the top again. If you don’t watch much Japanese MMA, then you may not know who JZ Cavalcante is. If not I advise you to find some youtube highlight video’s and check him out as he’s a pretty awesome fighter. So awesome, that I think he’ll beat Thomson by unanimous decision.

JZ Cavalcante via Unanimous Decision

Women’s Welterweight Championship: Sarah Kaufman Vs Marloes Coenen

Sarah Kaufman is one of the pound for pound best fighters in the world. Regardless of her gender, she’s still an absolute savage who goes through women in her division like they’re nothing. Although, Coenen is an awesome fighter, I expect more of the same from Kaufman. Personally, I’d really like to see her fight Miesha Tate again as I think that Tate has become a better fighter since they last fought. No offence to Coenen, but Kaufman is on another level to her and the win is Kaufman’s to lose.

Kaufman Via 2nd round TKO

Welterweight Championship: Nick Diaz Vs KJ Noons

I personally think this is going to be Fight of The Night on the Strikeforce card and I’m really looking forward to it. Their first fight was pretty good and Noons won signifcantly. However, I think Diaz has become ten times the fighter that he was before that fight. Personally, I think it’s going to come down to two things.

1. The weight difference – Noon’s is definitely a 155 pound fighter and I think the move up to 170 is going to hinder his quickness, which will ultimately hinder his very sharp, crisp boxing. Also, Diaz is a pretty big 170 pound fighter who I believe belongs in the Middleweight division (Grudge match between Mayhem Miller?). If anything , Diaz will be able to overpower Noons, especially if it goes to the ground.

2. If Diaz decides that he’s going to be stubborn and stand and box with Noons, then he’s crazy. Noon’s is one of the best strikers in the lightweight division and has had actual boxing bouts (not including his success at a young age in Karate and Muay Thai). I’m not saying that Diaz isn’t a good striker, I just think that Noon’s is on a different level compared to Diaz when it comes to striking.

Altogether, I think that Diaz has learn’t his lesson (I know, that’s a huge statement to make) and will eventually take Noon’s to the ground and submit him.

Diaz via Submission (Triangle Choke)



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