Strikeforce : Nick Diaz Vs KJ Noons II Results and Opinions

Strikeforce put on their best show of the year in San Jose, California. With Nick Diaz and KJ Noons scrapping it out for the Welterweight title, along with Sarah Kaufman Vs Marloes Coenen for the women’s Welterweight title and JZ Cavalcante Vs Josh Thompson and Tyron Woodley Vs André Galvão.

Here are the results:

 Tyron Woodley Vs André Galvão.

Tyron Woodley via TKO (1st round)

Sarah Kaufman Vs Marloes Coenen

Coenen via Armbar (1st round)

Josh Thomson Vs JZ Cavalcante

Josh Thomson wins by Unanimous Decision

Nick Diaz Vs KJ Noons

Nick Diaz wins by Unanimous Decision


Although the Diaz and Noons fight went to decision, it was still a fantastic fight. Both fighters put it all on the line and got busted up pretty bad.  Noons finished the fight with a broken hand and broken jaw, yet still managed to go all five rounds with Diaz. During the post-fight press conference, Noons claimed to be a “soldier” and that “he never gives up” and we saw that during his fight with Diaz and no-one can doubt his heart after this fight.

Diaz claimed that the reason he was unable to finish the fight was because of his indecisiveness on where he wanted to finish the fight. With a more a well more rounded fighter, Noons may need to figure out what he wants to do with his fights as he may be in danger of getting caught out next time.

JZ Cavalacante and Josh Thomson fought a pretty awesome fight, in which it went to a decision. Neither fighter should be upset with their performance though as they both went for it. Sadly for Cavalcante, it seems as if his knee surgery has made him lose a step and he may need a few more fights to get back to the beast that we know he is.

Sarah Kaufman had been harping on about how she felt she deserved to be on a main show and she had every right too. However, her stint on the big stage only lasted one round as she was submitted by undergod Marloes Coenen via armbar. What’s next for Kaufman? I’m not really sure. Judging by the nature of the loss, she’ll probably have to start at the bottom of the pile againand work her way up.

Tyron Woodley showed myself (I predicted he’d lose) and everyone else in the 170 pound division that he’s on the rise as a possible contender for Diaz’s title. He showed fantastic boxing against Galvao, but what really impressed me was his sprawl when Galvao attempted to take him down. I say give woodley the loser out of Scott Smith and Paul Daley so he can be really tested.


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