Interview With Eddie Bravo at UFC Fan Expo in London

Today, at the UFC Fan Expo, I met revolutionary BJJ artist Eddie Bravo at the UFC Fan Expo. It was completely unexpected, but I’ve got to say he’s one of the nicest guys that I met there. Here’s sme of the things that he had to say.

Eddie on critics saing that he’s “watered down” BJJ with his style of training…

“I don’t even know what watering down Jiu Jitsu even means. I really just don’t know what it means. Am I watering it down? I don’t know…”

Eddie on the “Lay and Pray” debate

I think all fans want to see fights to end via submission or knockout, and lay and pray basically means that there’s not much going on on the ground. It’s a stalling tactic, but sometimes you can’t pass someones guard because their guard is too good. Jon Fitch has been accused of laying and praying, but really, he’s just trying to pass (guard).  Some guys, you just can’t pass and it looks like they’re laying and praying, but I know that Jon Fitch and all those guys at AKA are trying to pass. Now if you can’t pass guard, then you don’t deserve to be in the UFC.

Eddie Bravo on training Dan Hardy’s training at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu

He’s gotten better and better. He came to me green and had minimal jiu jitsu. He had about 4 years in and out of training, but he’s getting good. Was his Jiu Jitsu good enough to stop GSP? Obviously not, but if he keeps working then he’s going to get better.  This guy travels from the UK to L.A , THAT SAYS A LOT.  This guy is dedicated to mstering Jiu its. Eventually, he’ll become a black belt. It’s just a matter of time.

Eddie on performing in the UK with his band…

It’s hard to concentrate on performing outside of L.A, when you’re trying to build Jiu Jitsu worldwide. It’s very time consuming and my music suffers because of it. However, it’s all going to pay back tenfold once the rubberguard is the standard i MMA. Once the rubberguard becomes a standard in MMA, I’ll be able to tour the world and showcase my music.

We did a short interview with a very busy Eddie Bravo

You can find Eddie on twitter @eddiebravo

and his site



  1. Love the pic of you with Eddie Bravo and Billy Ray Cyrus!

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