Interview With TUF 10 Heavyweight, Demico Rogers

Even though Demico Rogers couldn’t last the distance during his stint on TUF 10, many have been impressed by his fights outside of TUF were he’s amassed a pretty good record. MMA UK interviewed Rogers about his time on TUF, training at the GRUDGE training center and his involvement with the Fight Pastor.

Hey Demico, how’s everything going?

Everything is going good right now.


Congratulations on your last win against Rob Criswell. I haven’t seen the video, but I heard you knocked him silly with a TKO. How did you feel after that win? 

I felt great. I was nervous because I was coming off a loss.  I was anxious to get back and get a win.  I have had another fight since that against Eli Harris.  The Criswell fight is on youtube if you want to watch it.

You lost your fight before the Criswell fight. How did that affect you mentally going into this fight?

There was a ton of pressure on me.  I knew I could not come out as flat as I did in the fight I lost.  The mental aspect of this game is huge.  The loss was actually a positive thing for me.  It made me realize coming off the show that we all have targets on our back and anyone we fight is going to come after us harder than most people.

What type of training adjustments did you make after the loss?

Nothing physical, it was all mental.  I train with what I feel is the best camp in the world.  They give me all the tools I need to be successful the loss was solely on me and my lack of mental focus that night. 

You weighed a lot more than Criswell during the fight. Do you feel that the significant weight disadvantage between the both of you helped you once it got to the ground?

Yes, I knew my size would play a factor in the fight.  He is a stand up fighter so I had to be cautious of his speed and agility.  I knew he would have a tough time getting me off of him once I got on top.


All fighters have their strengths and weaknesses. What do you feel are your main strengths and what area in your game do you feel you need to improve on the most?

I feel the best aspect of my game is my athleticism.  People are surprised by my speed and quickness for a 250lb fighter.  When I started MMA I have focused so much on my striking and that has taken me away from my wrestling roots.  I am trying to get back to what I am good at.

You train at the GRUDGE TRAINING center with some awesome fighters like Nate Marquardt, Rashad Evans, Shane Carwin and Brendan Schaub. What is it like training with so many talented fighters?

Its great to train with these world class fighters. There is so much to learn from them, not only inside but outside of the cage.  Everyone at Grudge Training Center tries to hold themselves to the standards these guys have set. 

Trevor Wittman is also well established as a coach in the MMA game. What do you feel that he has done to strengthen your striking game?

First off, I feel Trevor Wittman is the most under rated coach in MMA today.  If Greg Jackson is the Bill Bellichek of MMA then Trevor is his genius offensive coordinator.  He breaks down my strengths and weaknesses and has built a specific style that is catered to my abilities.


Talk to me about the Fight Pastor and what that’s all about?

He is a local pastor in the Seattle area that is also an avid MMA fan.  We started working together after the show and he has been a great supporter of my career ever since.

That’s awesome! Any news on your next fight?

I am currently recovering from a knee injury I suffered in my last fight.  I am feeling better and am hoping to be back in the cage at the beginning of next year,

Thanks for your time Demico. Is there anyone you’d like to thank?

I like to thank all my friends and family for their support through my MMA career.  My team and coaches for all their help.


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