5 Awesome MMA Strikers

For hardcore MMA fans, appreciating the ground game and striking comes easily. However, for those who are just getting into MMA, they’re usually only really interested in the striking aspect of it. In my eyes, when Brock Lesnar fight he brings in a new in flux of fans to the sport due to his popularity. So for those new fans MMA UK, brings you five awesome strikers in MMA.

Cung Le

A lot of fans of MMA are unaware of promotions other than the UFC. Although the UFC has tremendous strength in depth when it comes to fighters, they don’t have all the best fighters in the world. Although som ay say that time isn’t on Cung Le’s side, no one can doubt that Le brings fantastic,  accurate and extravagant striking to the MMA world.

Vitor Belfort

This Brazilian striker isn’t called the phenom for no reason. Belfort is known for smashing through his opponents with his pure brutality. Some have questioned whether or not Belfort is motivated enough to be the best fighter in the world and fulfill his potential as a fighter, but no can doubt that he’s ready now. He decimated Matt Lindland when many considered Lindland to be the secon best middleweight in the world, behind Anderson Silva and in his last fight he tore through one of the best fighters to ever grace MMA in Rich Franklin. Next year, Belfort faces another feared striker in Anderson Silva, which could be an early contender for Fight of The Year for 2011.

Anderson Silva

Belfort’s opponent in his next match is the Middleweight champion of the world, Anderson Silva. What can you say about Silva that someone else hasn’t said. When Silva is on his game, he can beat anyone in his division and probably anyone in the division above him. He’s been exposed for his lack of takedown defence, but he still manages to beat the fighters that are placed in front of him. Whether or not he’s able to beat fellow Brazilian, Vitor Belfort is another arguement for another time. However, no can doubt his quality as a striker.

Lyoto Machida

Although Lyoto Machida lost his last fight against Shogun Rua, Machida has shown that he’s an incredibly accurate striker (ask Rashad Evans). Machida next faces Rampage Jackson who will certainly throw down with Machida. Everyone knows it’s going to be hard for Machida to knock out Rampage, but judging by the way he strikes opponents, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Anthony Pettis

Anthony Pettis is one of the WEC’s most promising Lightweights. With his flashy striking, he’s reallybrought a lot o excitement to the brand. It’s been a reallygood year for Pettis as he has beaten Shane Roller, Alex Karalexis and Danny Castillo and now faces WEC lightweight champion, Ben Henderson at WEC 53. Although he finishes his opponent with a triangle in this video, his striking is clearly shown to be quite fantastic.


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  1. for me these type of fighters are the most exciting to watch

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