UCMMA 16: Jamaine Facey thinks that Dean Amasinger is taking him lightly

Tonight, at the Troxy in East London, top UK welterweight Jamaine Facey goes toe to toe with another top welterweight in Dean Amasinger.  Although things seemed civil at the press conference, it was evident that both fighters couldn’t wait to get in the cage and test their skills against each other.

Both fighters sit currently near the top of the UK welterweight division and are one win away from a UCMMA title shot, so although there was a certain amount of respect between the two combatants, they both knew what was on the line as they sat next right next to each other.

When I asked Jamane what he thought about people doubting his skills on the ground, he confidently laughed and said “Dean will tell you.”

As everyone looked towards Amasinger for the answer that was expertly dodged by Facey, Amasinger replied by giving his opponent more respect for his ground game than anyone thought he would do.

“I think he’s got a better ground game than people give him credit for” said Amasinger.

“His jiu-jitsu is pretty good, so I’m not underestimating him when it comes to his skills on the ground.” continued Amasinger

When Amasinger was asked what he felt were his strengths against Facey, he quickly proclaimed that he thought that his wrestling would help him win the fight.

“I think my wrestling is one of my biggest strengths” said Amasinger, to which Facey rolled his eyes at.

“My wrestling is pretty good and I think that’s going to help me dictate where the fight goes. If I want to keep the fight standing, then I’m going to keep the fight standing, but if I don’t think that’s working for me, then I’ll take him down.” said Amasinger.

When Amasinger was questioned about who he trains with (the likes of Dan Hardy, Paul Daley, Nick Osipczak), Dean stated that his camp was “great”. However, Facey interjected quickly by saying ” No offence to Dean, because he has a wcked camp, but no-one trains like me. He’s had to find people who try to imitate my style on the ground, but there isn’t any ground  fighters like me.”

It was evident that there was a level of respect between Amasinger and Facey, but it was also evident that both of these warriors wanted to prove who was the better fighter.


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