UFC 121 Predictions

UFC 121 is tonight and as per usual Me, Kris, JB or all three of us bring you are predictions on the fights. For UFC 121, I’ll be taking over the prediction side of what I feel is going to be rguably the best card of the year.

Hope you enjoy.

Gabriel Gonzaga Vs Brendan Schaub

What a way to start off tonights UFC 121. Brendan Schaub is TUF 10 runner up who after his fight with Roy Nelson has destroyed all opponents that the UFC have put put in fron of him. With some killer strikes,  Brendan is definitely on the cusp of “being in the mix”. However, tonight he faces his first real test in Gabriel Gonzaga, a fighter who “Cro Cop’d Cro Cop” with a fantastic headkick and let us not forget that Gonzaga has fought for the title and although he lost, he is still a top quality fighter who can either knock you out or tap you out. He’s definitely the most well-rounded fighter that Schaub has ever fought. I was a big fan of Schaub on TUF and I’m still a fan of his now. However, I think the experience of Gonzaga will prevail and he’ll be beat Schaub via Knockout.

Gonzaga via knockout 2nd round

Tito Ortiz Vs Matt Hamill

This is an interesting fight due to it’s back story. Ortiz is Hamill’s mentor from TUF and is also a good friend of Oritz. However, tonight they’re both putting it on the line. This is a fight to see if Hamill is finally ready to make the step-up in competition and realize his potential, but it’s also an important fight for Ortiz, as the Huntington Beach Bad Boy is not just fighting for his UFC future, but fighting for his relevance in the sport. I think youth will prevail today and Hamill will get the win against his mentor.

Hamill Via Unanimous Decision

Diego Sanchez Vs Paulo Thiago

Both fighters are coming off of big losses to their career. Many people were placing Paulo Thiago as a top contender for GSP’s Welterweight title until he lost a very convincing decision to Martin Kampmann. After, Sanchez lost to BJ Penn,he moved back up to the Welterweight division, where he faced UK fighter John Hathaway. Whilst many believed that Sanchez would run through Hathaway, it was not to be as the British fighter battered and bruised Sanchez all over the cage. I think that Paulo Thiago is the better fighter between the two and I think he’ll win via submission.

Thiago via Submission Round 2

Jake Shields Vs Martin Kampmann

The welterweight division in the UFC is so stacked right now with quality opponents, it’s scary. Tonight we see two of those top quality opponents square off in the cage. What Jake Shields lacks in striking, he makes up for with his fantastic ground game. I think he may have the best guard pass in his division at the moment. Whereras Kampmann is a very strong striker, with a decent ground game and a variety of submissions in his locker. I think that Kampmann is much more well-rounded than Shields, but I think that the one strength that Shields has is too strong for Kampmann and I’m not sure if he’ll be able to defend himself against it.

Shields via Submission round 3

Brock Lesnar Vs Cain Velasquez

The fight we’ve all been waiting for. The Heavyweight Champion vs The Contender. The Unstoppable Force Vs The Unmoveable Object. Cain Velasquez is  fast, athletic and incredibly well-rounded fighter, whilst Brock is just a straight up savage, who has a champions mentality and instinct. Anyone thinking this is going to be an all out war, may just be mistaken. If anything, I think both fighters are going to be meticulous and pick their shots carefully. This should be an interesting chess match between two great fighters. Although, I think the weight difference is going to be a significant disadvantage to Velasquez, I also think that it’s not something that his coaches haven’t prepared him for significantly. I’m going to go out on  limb and say that I think Cain is going to take the win against Brock and become the New Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Velasquez wins via TKO 4th ound



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