UCMMA 16: One Hell Of A Night For British MMA

UK based fight promotion, UCMMA, put on a fantastic show last night, showing fans plenty of good British talent in the MMA and K1 fighting. There were plenty of knockouts and it really seemed as if the fighters wanted to put on a show for the many excited fans at the Troxy.

The main card had some top talent as the likes of Dean Amasinger fought Jamaine Facey to a convincing unanimous decision. This isn’t to say that Facey was battered and bruised for three rounds, as Facey had his share of oppurtunities to finish the fight with some awesome submissions. However, it was not to be, as like Nostradamus, Amasinger predicted in the UCMMA press conference that his wrestling would help him dictate where the fight would go, meaning he had a significant advantage over Facey who seemed gassed after the first round. Only sheer will and technique enabled Facey to stay in the fight as he continued to battle until the end of this three round war.

It was another great night for UK1 kickboxing as well, as Middleweight champion, Mark Weir was able to hold on to his belt by using his experience and long limbs to keep Luke Sines at bay. During his promo for this fight, Sine’s promised to teach the 42 year old Weir, some new tricks. However, his promise went unheard as he was unable to show Weir anything that the seasoned veteren hadn’t already see in his long, illustrious career. Weir was able to keep Sines at bay with  push kicks and long range strikes. This frustrated Sine’s and his many fans, but there was nothing Sine’s could do against Weir during the fight.

Jack Bostwick and late replacement David Zatolovsky had a fantastic war for the UK1 Light-Heavyweight title, which they fought to a draw. Although everyone was disappointed with the choice of the judges, it was hard to fault them as both fighters gave it their all and there was no clear winner. As per usual, Bostwick fought aggresively, but Zatolovsky certainly wasn’t a passenger in this fight, as he gave as good as he got against the crowd favourite. Hopefully, these two will be able to have a re-match, but who knows when it will happen as Bostwick stated that he broke his hand and injured his foot during the bout.

The elimination match for the UCMMA featherweight title was a tale of 2 rounds, as Corey Tait beat Dino Gambatesa via a knockout which one could only described as definitely a contender for “Knockout Of The Year”. During the first round, Gambatesa used his more superior ground skills to keep Tait on the ground. However, we saw during the first few seconds that Tait had something special up his sleeve.  In a round which ended 10-9 to Gambatesa, Tait came out with some flashy kicks and eventually caught his opponent with a axe kick, knocking him out cold for 5 minutess or more. Tait looked incredible in this fight and who knows what will happen when he gets his chance to fight for featherweight title.

The most disappointing fight of the night was Linton Vassel Vs Adie Preda as it was stopped seconds in to the first round due to an injury to the eye of Preda.

UCMMA 16 was a spectacular event, which had plenty of dramatics that would keep any fan of MMA hooked. The UK MMA scene is on the up and up, and UCMMA is leading the charge.


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